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PMS|H2O Call of Duty Mini Handbook (READ BEFORE RECRUITING)

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  • PMS|H2O Call of Duty Mini Handbook (READ BEFORE RECRUITING)

    Welcome to the
    PMS|H2O CoD Xbox Division!

    Mission Statement
    The mission of PMS & H2O Clan is to provide a competitive, fun, and positive environment to female gamers.

    Outside Clan Involvement

    No PMS|H2O Clan Member may participate in any Clan while preparing to Recruit, Actively Recruiting or while a Member of PMS|H2O Clan. PMS|H2O Clan expects its members to be fully committed to PMS|H2O Clan and fully participate in all Clan functions. Participation in other clans is a conflict of interest both professional and personally.*
    * Exception: In the case of pre-approved groups, such as relating to a contracted job, (I.E. FragDolls, CGS) or with a social network, (I.E. Gamerchix, PopChix).

    *This includes if you are a casual member of the clan!

    Important LinksAdditional Information
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!

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    What does it mean to be a PMS Member?

    Being PMS cannot be defined by one single idea. You are a gamer, whether in first person shooters or in recreational games. You are a friend and sister to all gamers, regardless of gender, location, even clan affiliation. Through PMS Clan, your family is extended by hundreds of Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, etc. There is a ready ear for listening. A shoulder for crying. And open arms ready to send hugs of comfort and support.

    You may be a new recruit or a long standing Member, with years of experience behind you, but you are both here for the same reason - you believe in breaking down the long-standing stereotypes of gamers, specifically in regards to female gamers. You believe in creating and supporting a safe-haven for all gamers to play and discuss video games and video game culture. By joining PMS, you agree to uphold the ideas upon which the clan was founded: "To provide a fun and positive environment, and to encourage competition to female gamers."

    More and more women are becoming interested in gaming, and it is reported that over 47% of today's gamers are female. This number however makes no distinction regarding level of dedication to play. So while PMS Clan is open to Members at different levels of dedication, PMS Clan remains focused on supporting female gamers in playing games considered hardcore and that are traditionally male-dominated.

    What does it mean to be an H2O Member?

    As an H2O, Welcome to one of the most supportive groups in the gaming community. Members will find hundreds of gentlemen all brought together for one cause; to support our brothers in H2O and sisters in PMS.

    We are here for the community as a whole and not just a single part; we are a brotherhood as opposed to just a normal clan where interactions only take place in the online environment. Bonds built go beyond the console or PC platforms, these are bonds of friendship that can be taken wherever you go and know that someone will always be there for you. We are about the brotherhood, and being there for each other. This is your family; you guys make it what it is. During your recruitment process or during your membership you may at times feel overcome with adversities and overwhelmed with things that are going on in the division , the clan and in your daily lives. But as brothers, we're here to help each other out in terrible situations and under dire circumstances. What we will face is temptation, hardships, abuse, drama, but we will do so together as brothers, friends, gamers, and as H2Os.

    One of the most important things in being a true H2O is being a respectful gamer. What we can do in random rooms is ask people to treat those that are in there with respect. This is paramount to our success as a clan. What we can do together is help create a better gaming environment for us all, not just women gamers, but ourselves and children. This is part of what being a H2O is all about. H2O’s are bound by their code to be respectful, loyal, honest, dedicated and reliable. They are able to do what is right no matter the pressures placed on them in any environment.

    We’re all here to play video games, and play the games as H2Os. It encompasses all the above, but it’s also something more. We support PMS as gamers and friends, play with our clan mates, and actively create a positive friendly environment for every gamer out there. And as gamers we’re competitive, we encourage those who wish to take their gaming to the next level, just as we encourage those who support the community and choose to play on a recreational level.

    It requires a unique attitude to be a true H2O, an attitude that is rarely found online these days. It means universal support, regardless of age, gender, race, looks, skill, and dedication; to encourage, console, and direct all to provide a better gaming experience for everyone. We are all judged on how we act. H2Os have focus and dedication, drive and perseverance, passion and ferocity. What we can accomplish is amazing, but only possible through those who harbor the focus, drive and dedication to uphold the beliefs of the PMS and H2O Clan.
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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      CoD Xbox Division Contacts

      Division Leader: SHES NOT GOOD
      Division Co-Leader: Itachi H2O

      Practice Manager: PMS Minx
      Practice Co-Manager:

      Recruitment Manager: Rabbit PMS
      Co-Recruitment Manager:

      Community Manager: H2O Raven
      Co-Community Manager: Kryptic XII

      PMS|H2O Xbox General: Ovaryacting PMS
      PMS|H2O Xbox Co-General: Iczoxochitl PMS
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      Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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        Recruitment Policies

        Recruitment Period
        • PMS Clan monitors and evaluates every new recruit performance for a predetermined recruitment period to determine whether further membership with PMS|H2O Clan is appropriate. You are not considered a member of PMS|H2O Clan until this probationary period, attending 4 hours of scheduled gaming a week for 4 weeks, is over and you are adopted into a regular division of PMS Clan Inc. Acceptance into PMS Clan Inc. is based on the following criteria:
        • Completion of recruitment period. (See the Handbook for guidelines)
        • Attitude and behavior while in recruitment, on the forums, personal blogs, sites, in game, and at events.
        • Active participation in Division Scheduled Lobbies. Mandatory: Attending 4 hours of scheduled gaming per week for 4 weeks.
        • Active participation in forum discussions and events.
        • Attendance at Orientation.
        Any issues please keep the Recruit Managers informed!We can't help you if we are not kept informed!

        Transitioning from Recruit to Member

        At the end of a successful recruitment period, the following actions will be taken by your leader:
        • Your Recruitment Managers|Division Leaders will send you a message, requesting the PMS|H2O GT you are interested in taking. They will research the requested tag for appropriateness and to confirm the tag is not in use. (See: Clan Tag Usage)
        • Your Recruitment Managers|Division Leaders will confirm your approved tag/handle
        • If you need help picking out a gamertag name, please refer to this thread to see what names are NOT available:
        • Your Recruitment Managers|Division Leaders will confirm your attendance at the PMS|H2O Member Orientation.
        • Your Division Leader will make a Membership Request on the internal Member Request, and an Administrator will grant your Membership Rights, Clan Tag if so chosen, and will add you to the PMS|H2O Clan Rosters, as appropriate!
        Small Team Rules for Recruits
        A Recruit is not an official member of PMS|H2O until completion of recruitment. Once a Recruit becomes an official Member of the clan, they may chose to join a small team or start up a small team of her own. A PMS/H2O Recruit can not be added to a PMS/H2O Small Team's roster or be included in a small team practice. Hours do not count toward a small team if member's other than PMS and or H2O are included.

        Recruits/Casual~ Rules PMS/H2O Mixers & Guest Night
        PMS/H2O Mixer's & Guest night are a gift and a privilege given only to active PMS/H2O Member's.
        Please do not go to a guest night and ask a PMS/H2O Member to take on one of your friends as her/his guest. It is rude and puts a PMS/H2O Member in an awkward position. Not only that, it forces a PMS/H2O Member to be responsible for your guest and their possible infractions can and may result in them loosing their guest night privileges. A Recruit who is caught acting in this manner will result in disciplinary actions.

        Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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          Clan Tag Usage Restriction

          Once a Recruit becomes an official Member of the clan, they may request that their forum name be changed to reflect their new PMS|H2O Clan name, if so chosen. All PC handles, PSN IDs and Xbox Gamertags may also be changed at this time. However, all forum names must be the same as gamer tags/handles. A recruit may request a PMS/H2O name at any time, but

          • It is not mandatory to change to include the PMS|H2O suffix, but it is highly supported to do so if possible.
          • All names be changed AFTER a successful recruitment period.
          • All members must place the PMS/H2O tag in front of their name.
          • Only PMS/H2O Leaders may place the PMS/H2O tag behind their name, as a sign of respect and dedication to the PMS|H2O Clan.
          • A Recruit may not take a tag currently in use by (or very similar to) existing Division Leaders, Platform Generals, Clan Administrations & Operations or PMS|H2O Inc. Executive Team members.
          • If a PMS/H2O Recruit is interested in taking a tag currently used by an H2O Recruit (or vice versa), a message must be sent to the established member asking permission to use their tag.
            Example: A PMS/H2O recruit is interested in taking the name PMS/H2O Penguin. Her/His Division Leader must contact PMS/H2O Penguin, asking his/her permission for the recruit to create a tag mirroring his existing tag.

          Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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            How to post an Application

            Looking down below your post, you will see "Recruit Category", "Application Status" and "Approved/Updated By: (A staff member)"
            • New Recruit: For those who are a new recruit just joining the clan.
            • Dual Division: For those who are a member wanting to join this division as a second.
            • Casual: For those who are a clan member wanting to join back into a division.
            • Transfer: For those who are currently in a division and switch into this division.
            Recruit Category: Leave this alone!
            Application Status: Leave this alone!
            Approved/Updated by:Leave this alone!

            Recruitment Applications Thread- For personal information. You DO NOT have to be specific.

            Remember to check your application often for a reply or edit. Why? Because if you don't and you miss the reply and never practice with us then it's your loss.

            Gamertag Information:
            • You MUST have your own tag to be recruited.
              Make sure you have your own gamertag AND a headset. You cannot use the gamertag of your relative, best friend, etc. You must have your OWN personal tag and a headset for your entrance interview on XBL.
            • Do not make or change your GT to include "PMS" or "H2O" until you have gone through recruitment and have become a full member. Your leaders will let you know when this happens.
              • No guys on PMS tags and no girls on H2O tags! There has been a rash of complaints about boyfriends/girlfriends, brothers/sisters etc. coming into our practices on a PMS/H2O members tag. This is NOT allowed and the practice captain of the room is obligated to report the gamer tag.
                • First offense of someone else on your tag is a verbal warning.
                • Second offense is a written warning,
                • Third offense is grounds for dismissal from the clan.
                  *Please keep your PMS or H2O Tag to yourselves ladies and gentlemen!
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            Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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              General Guidelines

              All Clan Members are urged to become familiar with PMS|H2O Clan rules and Standards of Conduct as set down in this Handbook, and are expected to follow these rules and standards faithfully as a Member of PMS|H2O Clan.

              Respect for Others

              PMS|H2O Clan has adopted a policy prohibiting violence against Members of any kind, be it physical, verbal, or written.

              Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion, which involve or affect PMS Clan Inc., will be grounds for immediate termination from PMS|H2O Clan.
              Belittling or attacking others in any way, even in retaliation, will also not be tolerated and may result in Disciplinary Actions.
              Always remember you represent every one of your fellow Clan Members in every game you play and every comment you post or make. Show respect to others, even if they do not do the to you. Remember, you will be held responsible for any negative action you take no matter what the situation is.
              Saying “Good Game” after every match is a non-negotiable, even if the opposing team was offensive. Members are encouraged to mute any opposing players that are being offensive, and the Captain can say “Good Game” for the team. Members are also encouraged to use any platform specific reporting system when appropriate.

              General Harassment Policy

              PMS|H2O Clan does not tolerate any form of harassment, included in this definition (but not limited to), is:
              • Offensive signatures/avatars directed at Members
              • Words/signs
              • Offensive jokes/cartoons
              • Pictures
              • Forum threads/posts/blogs
              • E-mails, visitor messages, PM's or in-game statements,
              • Pranks
              • Intimidation or physical contact/violence/assaults
              Any Member that is found to be acting in a harassing any way toward any player period, Clan Member or not, is grounds for Disciplinary Action and|or termination from the Clan with no prior Disciplinary Action.

              Always respect fellow PMS|H2O Clan Members.
              At no time is it okay to bad-mouth, disrespect or talk down to any fellow Clan Members, even if it is intended in a joking manner. PMS|H2O Clan Members are expected to be respectful of not only fellow Clan Members and other members of the gaming community, but also to respect themselves.

              While representing PMS|H2O in-game, on forums, at events, and in pre-game or post-game lobbies, PMS|H2O Clan Members are expected to act with cooler heads, and rise above the situation.

              Etiquette with Language

              Directly from Amy & Amber...
              "Yes, cursing is allowed in practices but in moderation. If there are minors/recruits in the room, then cursing should be kept to a minimum except for the occasional here and there. It's about common sense and respect for one another. If cursing bothers someone in the room, please don't do it."
              PMS|H2O Clan does not expect every single Member to get along with each other. Just like in a traditional family, there are personality clashes, etc. If Members find themselves in this situation, PMS|H2O Clan expects the Members to behave as adults, and seek alternative solutions to remedy the situation. If conflict continues to cause disruption, it may result in Disciplinary Actions.
              If a situation does arise, promptly direct any issues to person who is being offensive. If the behavior continues, please direct issue to the appropriate immediate Leader (Division Leader or Platform General).
              Do not discuss issues with the community or in open public forums sections. Instead, handle the situation among only the individuals involved and any appropriate leaders, the situation can be reviewed fairly, and proper action taken.

              There is always going to be “slang” for things both in-game and outside of it. As a gaming community that focuses on supporting females in gaming, we should respect the usage of certain words while in game play. Because we are all from different backgrounds, and we do all not know the events that may have occurred, we should be careful in the "slang" words that sometimes get tossed around.
              Remember: Using the word ‘Rape’ in any form or fashion to describe "getting owned" will not be condoned, and is subject to immediate Suspension from all Clan related activities.
              If you have a problem with any words or phrases you hear other members saying, please let them know it offends you and let a leader know. Members will be warned if their behavior continues to be inappropriate or disrespectful and additional action may be taken.

              Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                ALL transferring girls and guys need approval from their most recent division leader.

                (We don't want to recruit from other divisions without giving due respect to the leader of your division. Also, if there are any issues to report, these should be discussed with the leader. Your present leader has the right to deny your transfer request on this basis.)

                Once Division Leader approval is obtained, it should be communicated directly to the receiving division's leader. Then, one of the following applies:

                If she/he is an active member in good standing in another PMS|H2O division or if she/he is returning from Casual status, she/he must make at least 4 hours of divisional practice for 2 weeks and attend at least one recruitment meeting. As long as everything went well and she received at least 4 hours of practice for the 2 weeks, she/he is then considered a member in our division. She/He also must read the rules and guidelines. Although we know all PMS|H2O divisions basically follow the same rules, there might be slight changes. So please make sure to familiarize yourself with OUR rules.

                If she/he is returning after leaving PMS|H2O, she/he MUST go through the entire recruitment process. Including posting in the recruits section, acknowledging the guidelines & meeting 4 hours for 4 weeks before we can consider her a member. Approval from the division leaders MUST be obtained before the re-recruitment process is started, in case there are reasons why the girl/guy left that need to be addressed before hand.

                Thank you for your interest in the CoD Xbox Division!

                Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                  The following rules and policy MUST be followed in ADDITION to the PMSlH2O Clan Handbook at ALL times during scheduled lobbies with PMS|H2O:
                  • Only the Captain may invite girls and guys to the lobby unless otherwise directed.
                  • The practice captain running the practice is in charge. ALWAYS show them respect. This means pay attention to them when they are explaining something.
                  • Please DO NOT suggest maps or game types. The captain will choose these, unless they asks for suggestions.
                  • DO NOT complain about maps or game types, our schedule is labeled for a reason; if you do not like a certain game type do not go to that lobby. Complaining about the game type will not be tolerated, and can lead to removal.
                  • All players MUST mute their mic when having outside conversation. (i.e. get a phone call, someone comes into your room to ask you something, your kids are yelling for you etc.) This can cause confusion and simply put can be disrespectful.
                  • If you have a problem with someone in the lobby please do not call them out, instead send a text message over xbl to the practice captain and let them handle it.
                  • There is to be NO private chatting, excessive amounts of voice messages or excessive standing in spawn during practice. You are here to practice so everyone must participate!
                  • There is to be NO gestures should be directed at players in order to cause offense( Don't Be A Jerk), don't overuse the suicide option, shooting of dead bodies, beating down dead bodies, and/or killing repeatedly( Friendly bouts are encouraged but only if agreed by all parties involved).
                  • You must respect everyone at all times so nothing unsportsmanlike is allowed. No trash-talking, no talking down to people, NOTHING NEGATIVE.
                  • You MUST always say good game at the end of each game or say nothing. ( Please follow the philosophy "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything).
                  • Absolutely NO griefing during the practice. For example spawn killing, crate stealing, etc (Subject to change as games evolve)
                  • There is to be NO streaming of practices unless permission is given by the Captain hosting and the other people in the lobby.
                  • Please check to make sure in your privacy settings that chat is set to everyone.
                  • Etiquette with Language:
                  Directly from Amy & Amber...
                  "Yes, cursing is allowed in practices but in moderation. If there are minors/recruits in the room, then cursing should be kept to a minimum except for the occasional here and there. It's about common sense and respect for one another. If cursing bothers someone in the room, please don't do it."
                  • There can be"Bring A Guest" nights. This guest can be an PMS|H2O, or any male or female on your friends list that is not a member. This is at the discretion of the Practice Captain. The following rules apply:
                    • The rules MUST be read to all Guests to ensure that they are following our rules.
                    • If the guest is not respectful and do not follow our rules during practice, THEY WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE!
                    • If a PMS|H2O member (active or casual) or recruit does not feel comfortable with someone else's guest, the practice captain MUST politely ask the guest to leave. Our PMS|H2O ladies and gentleman take priority over guests.
                    • ONLY active divisional members are allowed to invite ONE guest. Recruits and Casuals CAN NOT invite a guest.
                    • PLEASE keep track and mark in the practice attendance of who the guest belongs to.
                      • The active division member who invited the guest is held responsible for their actions.
                    • Practice Captains: If you prefer not to have guests on guest night, inform the Practice Managers so they may adjust the schedule to reflect this.
                  • Fillers: Can only be invited IF you need a person to fill in the lobby.
                    • Should be mark as Filler when posting in the practice attendance. NOT as guest.
                    • ONLY the practice captain may invite them unless stated otherwise.
                  • Uncensored Practices
                    • MUST be 18 year or older (Practice Captains, please make sure to ask.)
                    • Language is more lax in these practices, but we must still be respectful to one another and follow the PMS|H2O Clan Handbook and PMS|H2O Practice Rules.
                    • These practices are only available between 9pm-2am CT/10pm-3am ET.
                    • Recruits, Guests, and Fillers are NOT allowed in uncensored practice.
                    • Casuals must message the Practice Managers before joining our uncensored practices.
                      • Please contact Division Leaders if unsure.
                    • NOT allowed to stream or record these practices.
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                  Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                    Sibling Bonds

                    Sibling bonds are created throughout membership in the PMS & H2O clan! What do these bonds mean? It simply means that you have built a positive bond and relationship with another member of the clan. As a recruit you may feel that you have found someone who you really enjoy playing with. This may mean that particular person is someone who you look to when you have questions or can be the first person you choose to play with outside of practices. This bond is simply a recognition of the friendship you have built!

                    Creating this bond shows the friendship and shares it with the clan. Recruits may request up to 2 "big" siblings. Remember to choose wisely because you only get 2. To create this bond, a request will be sent to the individual you wish to be your "big" sibling. After they agree to the request, and permitting that they have a spot open for a "little" sibling, the bond will be documented in our records. :mvsuprisehug:

                    If you have any other questions or have found a big sister or brother, please contact the PMS | H2O Call of Duty Xbox Division Leaders
                    SHES NOT GOOD & Itachi H2O for details and to submit your request!
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                    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                      PMS|H2O Discord Server Information

                      We invite everyone who is in our community to come be apart of the conversation on Discord! Please take a moment of time to familiarize yourself with the rules, rooms and roles below.

                      Chat Server Rules
                      1.) Be respectful to everyone - be civil & don’t insult others.
                      2.) No foul language or inappropriate conversations, please and thank you!
                      - Cussing is not allowed
                      - Use of slang words for alcohol, drugs, sexual content, and/or rape are prohibited.
                      3.) Do not invite unapproved bots - they will be kicked & banned on site.
                      4.) No spamming of messages, emotes, links, caps lock, images, or sign/symbols. In addition, posting invites to other Discords is not allowed.
                      5.) Be mindful of channels and their use - try not to cross-post in multiple rooms.
                      6.) Follow the PMS Clan handbook rules as well at all times.
                      7.) No "testing" or abusing our server bot.

                      Channel Descriptions
                      #-announcements - Official announcements from the PMS Clan site.
                      # RULES - Discord Rules
                      #Twitch_Announcements - All Live Streams will be announced once the host is live on the PMS Clan Twitch Channel
                      #Global_Chat - Public Chat Room

                      We have division rooms, specific platform/game rooms, music, tech and MANY MANY more text and voice channels!

                      Discord Roles
                      @Clan Leaders - Official Clan Leaders. They are the ones who keep the clan running.
                      @Server Admins - Administers channels and keep things running smoothly around here.
                      @Generals - Clan Platform Generals. They monitor the PC/PS4/Xbox Platforms
                      OPERATION Directors/Managers - Operations Staff, managing behind the scenes teams and more!
                      @everyone - Initial role assigned to all users. ALL unapproved accounts are username color white/black and not tagged with the role "Approved Accounts." If you need your Discord status to reflect your forum rights from the clan website, then please post in the request thread so we can verify that it’s you from our site. SHARE the public official server with others!

                      Discord Server Link: Use the channels on the left to chat and navigate to your area of interest
                      Discord "Verify Me" Thread:

                      *Subject to Change*
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                      Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!