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  • Shootmania

    Hey all!

    I've recently got word that our sponsor ClanWarz would be more than happy to get us a shootmania network of servers, promoting a competitive team and division for the game.

    I'm afraid I won't be able to be much a part of the actual Team/Division, but If we get enough interest, I would be more than happy to co-ordinate and get all these servers and such sorted for it!

    If anyone is interested, please reply here, and more importantly, if anyone would be willing to lead this and get people for it etc, please don't hessitate to take over!

    If you are not familiar with Shootmania, the game can be found here:
    Official Website

    Unfortunately it's not free, but it's not too much money, I believe around $20. It's a very fast paced high skill cap game where two teams face against eachother. One team are the defenders, they get rockets, and one team are the attackers, which take it in turns one at a time to try and penitrate the defences of the defenders, and either kill them all or capture an objective. The attacker gets a super awesome lazer rail gun sniper thingy, that hurts super bad!

    Again, if you are at all interested, or know people that would be interested in creating this Division and/or Competitive Team, post here!!

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    Re: Shootmania

    I would be interested in the Comp aspect, dont really have much for screenshots floating around; but I did find 2 from when I used to play it alot, lol.

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      Re: Shootmania

      Oh man! This game is so fun!! Hopefully there is more interest than last time! I would play!

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        Re: Shootmania


        Anyone interested? ANYONE?!