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  • Need for Speed World PC division?


    So...yeah, this is a little bit out there, but I was thinking that we could get a Need for Speed World PC division going. I say that because it literally has endless possibilities, and it doesn't require much to run. You have game modes like Team Escape, where it takes a team to escape the police, and powerups that allow your entire team to benefit from it, because the powerups are also shared with them.

    In Circuit Race, it's exactly that: a circuit race. Normally they are two laps, but some people use the powerup "One More Lap" that allows you to extend the race by one lap.

    In sprint race, it's generally just a point-to-point race, with no checkpoints, and just you, your opponents, your powerups, and the road ahead.

    Need For Speed World also returns with a single-player Pursuit Mode, which is just like any other game with Pursuit Mode: escape the cops by all means necessary. There are also powerups in this mode, some to increase ramming power, others to repair tires when they run over spike strips, and so on.

    Below I will have a list of interested members of the community. Please post below if you are interested. If you play the game, please also post your in-game name.

    CLAN MEMBERS (Forum Name, In-game name)
    H2O A7X, xWarsawReconHD

    FORUM MEMBERS NOT IN CLAN (Forum Name, In-Game name)

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    Re: Need for Speed World PC division?

    If I had a computer id join u strickly because I love the game when I was able too play and a side note I did do the impossible on there by using a beginner car to beat a tier 2 team persuit with some friends of mine and didn't get busted once

    I would like to say I love this clan and everyone in it
    lil bros:zoombunnie


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      Re: Need for Speed World PC division?