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This is just a Suggestion: Gears Pop Mobile

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  • This is just a Suggestion: Gears Pop Mobile

    Who is interested in a Gears Pop Division for mobile phone?

    H2O Kylo Ren

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    Don't see why this couldn't be bunched in with the current existing Gears of War's Division currently on Xbox, as most of the current division titles are free to play previous additions to the series to acquire divisional hour requirements.

    But might be a discussion for the Xbox Generals to have.

    Is there an ETA on the game's release yet? I was actually interested in giving it a try.

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      Hi Kylo! Since we already have a Gears of War division, any title that is released on the main branch will get added to the titles played in the division. We'll adjust the division to be multiplatform based on the criteria offered by the games. We'll work with the division leaders to get this added and have as much information as possible once the game is released.

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