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[Xbox] Apex Legends Division Trial Official Thread

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  • [Xbox] Apex Legends Division Trial Official Thread

    Trial Information & Rules
    • Trials will typically last 4 weeks long.
    • 8-10 people MUST make 4 hours per week, ALL FOUR WEEKS, in order for the trial to pass.
      • IF 8 people don't make hours, the trial will be extended by a week.
        • (The reasoning behind this is that it takes 8 people to run a division. With division leader and management positions needing to be filled)
          • IF an extension does happen, please remain patient with each other and the generals. Continue to get hours as you would do IF the trial does pass.
    • If you, as an individual, miss a week of the trial, a week will be added to your recruitment. (Generals will make a note of this on the practice spreadsheet)
    • If you miss 3 weeks of making hours during the trial you will be removed from the trial.
    • In order the "Founding Member Status" you must remain active for 6 months from the trial passing.
      • For Xbox - Add the Division Trial Gamertag PMS Apex
    • On the fourth week of the trial, Generals will get applications posted for all the staff positions. We encourage everyone to apply. In order for a division to happen, it needs people dedicated to help run the division.
    • We will need practice captains! Don’t be shy! Help out and host some lobbies!
    • Please refer to the Practice Schedule for all current and upcoming Practice times.
      • You can switch between the practice schedule and recruitment/membership status docs on the bottom left corner
    • Our practice week will run from Monday-Sunday.

    PMS|H2O Trial Practice Rules
    • The practice schedule is in the Eastern Timezone
    • MUST have a MIC!
    • For Xbox Trials
      • Please be appearing online 10 mins PRIOR to the scheduled time of practice.
      • RSVPing is recommended, but captains are to invite EVERYONE APPEARING ONLINE. So if you plan on being offline or have your settings blocked, please RSVP by sending the practice captain a message on XBL.
    • You must be in the practice by the 15 min mark in order to receive credit.
    • Respect your practice captains and fellow clan members during the practice.
    • Derogatory, racist, AND/or sexual comments of any kind whether joking or serious will never be tolerated.
    • No Teabagging, or negative trash talk in proximity chat.
    • Should you have a conflict with a captain or someone in a practice please contact the overseeing General.
    • Have Fun!

    Practice Captain To-Do's
    • Set up lobbies 10 mins prior to your scheduled time.
    • All practices must have 3 people total from the trial in order for the practice to count.
    • Once folks are in your party, you can split up people up into smaller lobbies according to game/platform
    • Please post practices within 4 hours of hosting the practice.
      • All practice posts must have the day, date and time
      • Try to post members in alphabetical order by forum name followed by gamertag
    • If you need to cancel a practice, please do so by posting in the trial thread that you can not host your practice time. (please include the date and time).
    • Captains can invite casuals into the practice during the trial, but they do not count towards attendance. NO other guests are allowed in trials.
    • If you would like to pick up a practice midweek, there needs to be at least 24 hours in advance to the practice time
      • Reason being, to allow ample time for members of the trial to see the practice on the schedule.
      • Rule of Thumb - During the trial, we will leave practices on the schedule, unless you notify the general to change the practice. Generals will send weekly PMs for changes, please check your PMs on Sunday and respond ASAP.
    Example Practice Post

    Monday 02/25/19
    9PM-11PM ET

    An Awesome Time - 1hr
    H2O Coolio - 2hrs
    HeyNow PMS - 2hrs
    PMS SpaceX - 2hrs
    Trial Participants:
    (Deadline to sign up for the trial has concluded, any one interested in joining the division may do so when recruitment opens)
    1. H2O Fitz [KaniSushi]
    2. H2O Billy Katagiri [Billy Katagiri]
    3. H2O King [King Gelus]
    4. PMS Reckless [PMS Reckless]
    5. H2O Battles [H2O Battles]
    6. Bobsled [SgtDeath]
    7. TheJoker H2O [Jokercide]
    8. WildcatFlo PMS [WildcatFlo]
    9. Nakashige H2O [Nakashige H2O]
    10. Victory PMS [Victoryoftheppl]
    11. LiquidMetal H2O [LiquidMetal H2O]
    12. Virsachi H2O [ Virsachi Rain]
    13. H2O Snorlax [MestarSnorlax]
    14. VADERSKATER555 H2O [Vaderskater555]
    15. Dameon H2O [Dameon H2O]
    16. H2O Insane [insane Sh0T]
    17. Discottex [Discottex]
    18. PMS YoriYoshi [PMS YoriYoshi]
    19. Mirage PMS [Cynderellah]
    20. PMS Shy Achvmnt [PMS Shy Achvmnt]
    21. H2O RedrobinX [H2O RedrobinX]
    22. UpcastSumo1970 [UpcastSumo1970]
    23. H2O Creepy [IXPara CreepyXI]
    1. Dragonspit999 (Dragonspit999)
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    Monday 02/25/19
    10PM-12PM ET

    Bobsled [SgtDeath] - 2hrs
    Dameon H2O - 1hr
    Discottex - 2hrs
    H2O Billy Katagiri [Billy Katagiri] - 2hrs
    H2O Fitz [KaniSushi] - 2hrs
    H2O King [King Gelus] - 2hrs
    H2O Snorlax [MestarSnorlax] - 2hrs
    LiquidMetal H2O - 2hrs
    Mirage PMS - 1hr

    UpcastSumo1970 - 2hrs
    VADERSKATER555 H2O [Vaderskater555] - 2hrs
    Victory PMS - 2hrs
    Virsachi H2O [Virsachi Rain] - 2hrs


    Dragonspit999 - 2hrs

    ADDED - Ovaryacting
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      Tuesday 2/26/2019
      3-5pm est.


      TheJoker H2O (Jokercide) - 2hrs
      Dameon H2O - 2hrs
      Bobsled (SgtDeath) - 2hrs
      Vaderskater555 H2O (vadersaketer55) - 2hrs
      PMS YoriYoshi - 2hrs
      Virsachi H2O (virsachi rain) - 2hrs

      Added ~Iczo
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        Tuesday 02/26/19
        7PM-9PM ET


        H2O Billy Katagiri - 2hrs
        H2O King - 2hrs
        H2O Fitz - 2hrs
        H2O RedrobinX - 2hrs
        Liquidmetal H2O - 2hrs
        PMS Reckless - 2hrs
        Victory PMS - 2hrs
        Virsachi H2O - 2hrs

        Dragonspit999 - 2hrs
        Added ~Iczo
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          2pm - 4pm EST

          Dameon H2O - 2
          H2O RedRobinX - 2

          H2O Creepy (IXPara Creepy XI) - 2

          Added ~Iczo
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            Thursday 2/28/2019
            12-2pm est.

            ~Please post in alphabetical order by forum name
            H2O Battles [H2O Battles] - 2 hrs
            VADERSKATER555 H2O [Vaderskater555] - 2hrs
            Dameon H2O [Dameon H2O] - 2hrs
            H2O Insane [insane Sh0T] - 2hrs
            PMS Yoshi [PMS YoriYoshi] - 2 hrs
            Mirage PMS [Cynderellah] - 2hrs
            H2O RedrobinX [H2O RedrobinX] - 2hrs
            H2O Creepy [IXPara CreepyXI] - 2hrs
            Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
            PMS Azrael - 1hr
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              6-8pm est

              SgtDeath(Bobsled) 1 hr
              Jokercide(Joker H2O) 2 hrs
              Virsachi Rain(Virsachi H2O) 2 hrs
              Billy Katagiri(Billy Katagiri) 2hrs
              Mirage PMS(Mirage PMS) 2hrs
              PMS Yoshi(PMS YoriYoshi) 1 hr

              Dragonspit999(Dragonspit999) 1 hr
              Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                Thursday 2/28/2019
                10-12pm est.

                H2o insane - 2hr
                H2o fitz –- 2hr
                Bobsled –- 1hr
                H2o Redreobinx - 1hr
                Liquidmetal h2o -2hr
                H2o battles - 1hr
                Nakashige H2O- 2hr
                Please post in alphabetical order by forum name

                Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS

                recruits: none

                Burger Mayne -1hr
                H2O Quotez - 2hr
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                  Friday 03.01.19

                  H2O Billy Katagiri - 1hr
                  Liquidmetal H2O - 1hr
                  Nakashigi H2O - 1hr

                  Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                  • #10
                    10-12 pm


                    H2O Billy Katagiri (Billy Katagiri)- 2
                    H2O Fitz (KaniSushi)- 2
                    H2O Insane (Insane Sh0T)- 1
                    LiquidMetal H2O- 2
                    Nakashige H2O- 1
                    VADERSKATER555 H2O (VADERSKATER555)- 2
                    Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                      8-10 PM


                      H2O Billy Katagiri [Billy Katagiri]- 2
                      H2O Creepy [IXPara CreepyXI]​​​​​​- 2
                      H2O Fitz (KaniSushi)- 2
                      H2O RedrobinX [H2O RedrobinX]- 2
                      LiquidMetal H2O [LiquidMetal H2O]- 2
                      Mirage PMS [Mirage PMS]- 1
                      PMS Reckless [PMS Reckless]- 2
                      VADERSKATER555 H2O [Vaderskater555]- 2


                      Dragonspit999 [Dragonspit999]- 2
                      Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                        8-10 pm est

                        H2O Battles -2
                        H2O Billy Katagiri -1
                        H2O Fitz (KaniSushi) -2
                        H2O RedrobinX -2
                        LiquidMetal H2O -1
                        PMS Reckless -2
                        PMS Shy Achvmnt -2
                        TheJoker H2O (Jokercide) -1
                        Virsachi H2O (Virsachi Rain) -2
                        VADERSKATER555 H2O (Vaderskater555) -2
                        WildcatFlo PMS (WildcatFlo) -2

                        Dragonspit999 -2
                        Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS

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                          Sunday 3/03/2019

                          11pm-1am est.

                          Dameon H2O - 1hr
                          H2O Battles - 1 hr
                          H2O Billy katagiri - 2 hrs
                          H2O Creepy - 2 hrs
                          Insane Sh0t - 1 hr
                          Victory PMS - 2hrs

                          Dragonspit999 - 2 hrs

                          Pulsefire Azula- 1 hrs

                          Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                            9-11 PM

                            H2O Battles [H2O Battles]- 1
                            H2O Billy katagiri [Billy Katagiri]- 2
                            H2O Creepy [IXPara CreepyXI]- 2
                            H2O Insane [Insane Sh0t]- 1
                            Mirage PMS [Mirage PMS]- 2
                            PMS Shy Achvmnt [PMS Shy Achvmnt]- 2
                            Virsachi H2O [Virsachi Rain]- 1

                            Dragonspit999 - 2

                            PMS Pulsefire [Pulsefire Azula]- 2

                            Added ~Iczoxochitl PMS
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                              Hello Hello!

                              Week 1 was a success!

                              20 Active ; 4 Non-Active!

                              We move on to Week 2! Keep it up!

                              Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!