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Want to suggest a new division? STOP!!! READ ME FIRST!!!!

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  • Want to suggest a new division? STOP!!! READ ME FIRST!!!!


    We're pleased that you are interested in suggesting a new Division, but we'd like to just check that you've followed these steps first:
    1. Have you checked to see if this Division already exists?
      We have several regions, and most commonly, if there is not enough interest to begin with, we will run a combined Division in the North America region.
      Make sure you have clicked through all the possible areas here.
    2. Is the proposed Division a sequel to a game for which there is already a Division?
      (Ie, Halo 4, Socom 5, Latest World Of Warcraft Expansion)
      Preference is granted to existing Division Leaders when a sequel to an existing game is announced, and it is expected that Divisions will make the transition from one game to the next.
    3. Is the Division you are interested in currently in it's 1 month Trial?
      Divisions currently serving their 1 month trial do not have an official Division Leader. Instead, each Trial Division is overseen by one of our current Platform Generals, as is appropriate. As such, new Recruits may start their recruitment for these Divisions, with Platform General approval.

      During a 1 month Trial:
      You have access to post in the Division Section while it is in it's trial phase. You should indicated your interest in the relevant thread in the section, or by contacting the overseeing General.
    4. If you are a Non-Clan Member, but a Leader|Captain|Manager of an existing Team|Clan:
      Special arrangements are made when an outside body of interested persons wishes to join. Please apply through the below listed process, and the appropriate General will contact you for further information.

    Provided that the desired Division does not fall into any of the above categories, we then encourage you first to make a thread in this section to gauge the interest of others in forming an official Division.

    Keep in mind before you apply:
    • You need at least 10 dedicated members that are willing to attend regular practice and matches and become PMS/H2O members if not already. You need to be able to provide us their correct forum names, game handles (dependent on platform) and emails.

    After the Application is made:
    1. The appropriate Platform General(s) will contact you regarding the division and it's feasibility.
      *Note:* No leadership or management decisions will be made at this time. During the proposed Division's 1 month trial, the appropriate Platform General(s) will be the acting Leader, overseeing administrative duties, and looking for good leadership potential.
    2. Once the Division Application is approved, the Overseeing General will build a temporary Division forum, in which current PMS|H2O Clan members may post to begin Division organization.
    3. The Overseeing General will open an application for Division Leader/Managers, located on the internal Job Board.
    4. At the end of the Trial month, pending successful completion, the Overseeing General will announce the new Division Leader/Managers and will build internal Division forums.

    Once interest has been raised, please use the information in the following post to create your application.

    Love my husband, Diablo H2O <3
    <3's for Blue Rose, Svenna, and Grizz

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    Re: Want to suggest a new division? STOP! READ ME FIRST!!

    Information to include when Applying to Start a New Division:
    (Please copy and paste the section below into your application in its entirety: )

    1. Divisional Application For: [Enter Game Name Here]
    2. Date Applied: [Enter Today's Date]

    3. Forum Name: [Enter Your Forum Name Here]
    4. Gamertag/Game Handle: [Enter Your Game Name Here]
    5. Current Clan Member?: [Yes/No]
      If Yes: Skip to Question 6.
      If No: are you currently a member of a Team/Clan wishing to join PMS|H2O Clan?: [Yes/No]
      If Yes: [Enter Team/Clan name, and number of members intending to join from former Team/Clan]
      If No: [Please Contact a Forum Administrator prior to making an application!]
    6. Length of Clan Membership: [Enter Join Date, If Possible]
    7. Previous Leadership Role? [Yes/No]
    8. Previous Division Membership: [Yes/No]
      If Yes:[List Division, Former Leader, Duration (approx.) and Positions Held. (Ie, Member, Practice Captain, Recruitment Manager)]
      If No: Skip to Question 9.

    9. For all interested Members:[List Forum Name, Gamertag/Game Handle, Email]
      Interested Members MUST be registered on the forums

      Member 1:
      Member 2:
      Member 3:
      Member 4:
      Member 5:
      Member 6:
      Member 7:
      Member 8:
      Member 9:
      Member 10:
    Copy/Paste the application and send to it to the platform Generals in which the game will be played on:
    PC General - H2O HugsNKisses Callisto H2O

    PlayStation General -

    Xbox General - Iczoxochilt PMS & Equinox Jr H2O
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    Love my husband, Diablo H2O <3
    <3's for Blue Rose, Svenna, and Grizz