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    Wow have I been gone so long there is no cod division anymore or am I missing the forum? I was in H2O years ago I first recruited in the Xbox division around the time black ops 1 came out and made so many friends with and had so many laughs ? Iím assuming a lot of ppl went inactive? Or cod got so bad not a lot of ppl enlisted in the division? What happened can anyone get me up to speed?

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    Evening NoLuckJohn,

    Can't tell if you're looking to apply for Call of Duty under the PlayStation or Xbox platform. Sounds like Xbox, but you're posting in the PlayStation sub-forum.

    At this current time there is a Call of Duty division for the Xbox platform. PlayStation is without any divisions at the moment. If you're looking to apply to the Xbox Call of Duty division, you can find the Xbox Call of Duty Sub-forum by clicking >>here<<.

    The good news is, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which releases in October will feature full cross platform support between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The current Xbox division would than be switched to a Cross-Platform division open to all interested individuals on those platforms.

    Also, if you lost the account information to your previous profile, please send me a private message and I should be able to retrieve that information for you.

    Anything else you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

    ~H2O HugsNKisses


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      Can't wait for this switch to happen! XD
      PMS BaLaRe aka VaL aka WeK BaLaRe iLL :mvwink:
      PMS NA COD 360

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