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How to Guide: Joining the PMS Clan, our Community, and becoming an ALLY

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  • How to Guide: Joining the PMS Clan, our Community, and becoming an ALLY

    Thank you for your interest in supporting women in gaming by taking part in the PMS Clan mission! We're excited to learn more about you and of course play some games with you. Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how to join the community, as well as how you can become a recruit in a PMS & ALLY Division. We know that learning to navigate new forums can be a little confusing and we hope that this guide will help make things easier for you to navigate if this is your first time here.

    How to Join The Community

    It is required that ALL members/recruits and anyone looking to join the community have a forum account. We use Discord as a big part of communication with the community. It is highly encouraged to join the server. You can also sign up for our Clan Newsletters that are emailed directly monthly.

    Join our Discord Server
    Download the App or use the browser version:

    How to gain access to all public channels:
    Click on the #Rules channel. After you have read and understood our clan rules, you will react to the message using the emoji required. In doing this you shall gain Guest access to the rest of our public clan channels.

    *You will have to verify your Discord ID in our forums ( ) if you wish to gain the ability to share attachment/images within our channels.


    - #introduce-yourself – A chance for you to introduce yourself to the community
    - #announcements – Official announcements from the PMS Clan site and social media
    - #global_chat – Open chat for all discord server members
    - #recruitment – Contains info on how to go about recruiting into our clan, and whom to contact
    - #role-assignment – Visit this channel to assign yourself platform roles (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch) and the announcement role to be notified any time we post an announcement.
    - #help_and_support – Our official help channel. Post in here if in need of assistance

    Sign Up on the forums
    In the top right corner, you'll find our "Login or Sign Up" button.

    Once you go through the registration process, screenshot below, you'll be taken back to our forums again.

    Congratulations! You now have a brand new PMS Clan forum account!​

    How to Recruit As PMS|ALLY & What to Expect

    To become a PMS Member or to become an Ally Member, you will need to fill out an application to go through our two week recruitment process. Visit to get started on an application

    Click on the “Apply Now” button under the “Ready To Join” section.

    Fill out the application in the pop-up window.

    Next, a staff member, usually the Recruitment Manager or Division Leader, will contact you via Private Message (PM). Typical messages will include links to our Handbook, our Discord, the Division Game Session schedule, and our Introduce Yourself section. This is a great spot to tell us who you are, how you found us, or what games you’re playing right now. Whether you’re a girl gamer looking to join PMS Clan for the first time or a player who is new to a Clan like ours, we want to meet you! One of our staff members will also ask you when you’re available to meet to discuss the recruitment process, game lobby guidelines, and go over any other questions that you may have.

    Are we missing a game that you think there should be a Division for? Take a look at our “Suggest A Division” and “Community Games” area where you can sign up for an existing suggestion or create your own interest thread! These create Division Trials which are run a little bit differently to start than regular Divisions. Once there is enough interest in creating a PMS|ALLY Clan Division for that game and platform someone will reach out to you to discuss next steps.

    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!