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    Pandora's Mighty Soldiers

    Note: The content of a manual does not constitute nor should it be construed as a promise of membership or as a contract between PMS Clan Inc. and any of its members. PMS Clan Inc. may change, delete, suspend, or discontinue parts or the policy in its entirety, at any time without prior notice.

    Mission Statement
    The mission of PMS|Ally is to provide a competitive, fun, and positive environment to women gamers.

    Equal Membership Opportunity

    PMS Clan has equal membership opportunity in its community regardless of your gender identity. Clan acceptance is based on merit, with the only stipulation that you identify as a woman for PMS Clan. Clan acceptance is NOT based on skill, race, color, citizenship status, national origin, financial status, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, weight, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, etc.

    Standards of Conduct

    Respect and Expectations

    Being respectful to one another and those we come into contact with is a cornerstone of our beliefs as a community. It’s up to us to set the example for others, which is imperative for our clan’s reputation. Telling an opposing team or player a good game, thanking community members for coming to play, not cheating against others: these are standards for the type of players we want in our clan.

    Zero Tolerance Policy

    We have a diverse group of members from all different walks of life. To provide a safe space for everyone, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Offensive/Derogatory language, comments, jokes, or images
      • Anything derogatory towards anyone’s race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or physical disability
      • If you're not sure what words, "Google derogatory words."
    • Sexual Misconduct
      • Unwelcome sexual advances
      • Requests for sexual favors
      • Sending of explicit photographs or text messages.
      • Unwelcome verbal or physical contact that is sexual in nature that creates an offensive, hostile, or intimidating environment.
      • Sexual conversation, advances, or any form of sexual references with a minor.
    • Harassment
      • Threatening, belittling, or harassing forum posts or threads, private messages, e-mail, in-game chat, posts on outside social media/websites
      • Pranks
      • Intimidation or physical contact, violence, or assault
      • Any acts of retaliation or efforts otherwise aimed to discredit, undermine, or sabotage a recruit, member, staffer, or division
    • Cheating/Game Exploitation
      • Hacks
      • Level boosting
      • Connection manipulation
      • Glitching
    Any member reported for breaking our Zero-Tolerance policy (and sufficient proof is provided) will be immediately suspended pending further investigation. Investigations and resolutions should be completed within 7 days from complaints official submission date. Any member found to be breaking our Zero-Tolerance policy, will receive Disciplinary Action or Termination depending on the severity of the offence. If no proof is available, then all claims will be investigated by the Division Leaders or Platform Generals who will make a ruling on the situation.

    Member Responsibility

    PMS Clan attempts to provide satisfactory resolution to all conflicts whenever possible. Members are required to stay current on any changes made to Policy as contained within this Handbook, so that their behavior stays within suggested guidelines. All investigations relating to complaints, whether or not they result in an Incident Report are to remain confidential, and discussed only with the pertinent Members. Failure to do so is a breach in trust and may result in Termination of Membership.

    Appropriate Online Images
    • Any pictures or photographs posted on the PMS Clan website or official channels must adhere to the following standards.
    • No full or partial nudity (defined as at least half of the breasts or buttocks exposed).
    • No image that is sexual in nature including poses while partially clothed.
    • No image suggesting or depicting illegal alcohol or substance use.

    Social Media and Public Communication Policy

    Positive representation of our clan is critical in growing our image, making people comfortable and garnering external support for the clan, therefore we have a high expectation for members in regard to their public image. If you represent or showcase your association with PMS Clan on your personal social media please be aware of the following:
    • Any content that goes against our code of conduct or values can result in action, including clan removal, depending on severity.
    • Any content that could be considered sensitive or offensive to groups of people, you are advised to remove all association with the clan.
    • No content that is overtly sexual, includes nudity, involves illegal drugs, or alcohol abuse.
    • Any derogatory content towards anyone’s race, sex, religion, or physical disability is not tolerated.

    Streaming, Social Media, Outside Websites

    We’re always happy to see members stream and create content, but if the content is not representative of our values or handbook guidelines, use of the clan name or tags is not permitted.
    • Do not spam your personal content on any PMS Clan channels.
    • Do not share any personal content on PMS Clan official channels that is in conflict with this handbook regardless of whether you, as the content creator/participant, identify as a member of the Clan in the image/broadcast/post.
    • PRO TIP: If a clan member can trace the content back to you, so can a potential sponsor.

    Alcohol and Substance Use Policy

    PMS Clan is a drug free environment. Mention of drugs or alcoholic beverages in public rooms, game sessions, or in practice is prohibited. While we have no intention of dictating what members do in their personal lives, we ask that you be respectful of others in the community by not discussing personal interests that others may find offensive or that would be inappropriate around minors. If attending an event under the PMS|ALLY|H2O name, use of illegal substances, underage drinking, or providing alcohol to someone who is underage is strictly prohibited and will result in termination of membership.

    Romantic Relationship Policy

    PMS Clan is not a dating service; however, sometimes relationships develop between adult members. We ask that any personal relationships between clan members be kept discreet as to not make others uncomfortable in practice, on the forums, or in Discord. Couples who join the clan together or develop a relationship while in the Clan can remain in the same division, but cannot be promoted to Manager or Leader without approval. Private information should NEVER be shared between members in a relationship no matter the level of membership. PMS Clan does not support inappropriate relationships between underage and adult members. This will result in immediate termination of membership. PMS Clan reserves the right to contact the parents/guardians of an underage member who may be in a relationship with an adult.

    How to Report Zero-Tolerance Behavior or Minor Infractions

    You can choose to talk to any of the following people:
    • Offenders. If you suspect that an offender doesn’t realize they are guilty of harassment, you could talk to them directly in an effort to resolve the issue. This tactic is appropriate for cases of minor harassment (e.g. inappropriate jokes, slips of the tongue, unsolicited contact that isn’t sexual in nature, etc..)
    • Your Division Leader - If customers, stakeholders, or members are involved in your claim, you may reach out to your current leader. They will assess your situation and may escalate if appropriate.
    • Your Platform General - If the issue cannot be resolved at the Division Leader level, or the situation directly involves the Division Leaders, contact your Platform General.
      • Non-Division Members should report to the appropriate platform generals
    • Clan leaders - In the event you feel your platform generals can’t assist appropriately, are involved, or you are uncomfortable reaching out to them, feel free to reach out to the clan leaders. Anything you disclose will remain as confidential as we can allow while addressing the overall behavior (i.e. no name usage, broad examples, etc.). All information you report will be used during our investigation. This means we will have to discuss the complaint with whoever is involved. We cannot reprimand/address someone without telling them what they did wrong.

      When we address the situation, we will try our best not to give all of the information posted, just enough to get our point across. It is the only way for us to let them know they did something wrong and how to fix it.
    We encourage anyone who feels our guidelines aren't being followed to report it to the Division Leaders/Generals/Clan Leaders. This is so we can create documentation and monitor for ongoing offenses. If it's happening to you it's likely happening to someone else!

    If possible, please gather any proof that will help with the investigation (screenshots, posts/threads, photos, private messages, used with permission if violation is serious).

    Resolution Process

    Process for Minor Infractions:
    Below is the process the Division Leaders, Generals, and Clan Leaders will follow for any and all issues reported using this form or to a leader.
    1. When an issue is reported, we will offer to schedule mediation with everyone involved. During mediation everyone will have a chance to speak and work through the issue.
    2. If someone declines the mediation, we will schedule separate meetings to collect more information, and an investigation will begin.
    3. If the report is made anonymously, we will schedule a meeting with the other member to collect more information, and an investigation will begin.
    4. An investigation and resolution should be completed within 7 days from the official submission date of the complaint.

    Process for Zero-Tolerance Behavior:
    Below is the process the Division Leaders, Generals, and Clan Leaders will follow for any and all issues reported using this form or to a leader.
    1. When an issue is reported with sufficient proof, whoever broke the rule will be immediately suspended pending further investigation.
      1. If no proof is submitted, we will determine whether the person should be suspended.
    2. We will offer to schedule mediation with everyone involved. During mediation everyone will have a chance to speak and work through the issue.
    3. If someone declines the mediation, we will schedule separate meetings to collect more information, and an investigation will begin.
    4. If the report is made anonymously, we will schedule a meeting with the other member to collect more information, and an investigation will begin.
    5. An investigation and resolution should be completed within 7 days from the official submission date of the complaint.

    Buddy Program

    A Buddy is someone who helps a Recruit transition smoothly into the community, providing knowledge and friendship. Members and recruits may participate in our Buddy program. Each member may have up to 4 recruitment buddies. Members wanting to take on a buddy should consult their division’s chain of command to find who is keeping track of buddies in that division.


    The name Pandora's Mighty Soldiers, PMS Clan, H2O Clan, and all logos, materials, and intellectual material created by members for PMS Clan are copyrighted and/or are owned by PMS Clan Inc. All rights are reserved by PMS Clan Inc. No event may use the PMS|H2O|ALLY Clan name or affiliation, without the express written permission from Athena Twin PMS and/or Athena PMS, President and Vice President of PMS Clan Inc. If such an event is proposed, please email a copy of all event details to RaylaDevine PMS and Ovaryacting PMS, to ensure all legalities are observed. PMS Clan accepts no liability for any members that attend any events under PMS|H2O|ALLY name.

    Information Confidentiality

    PMS Clan Inc. sincerely hopes that its relationship with its Members will be long-term and mutually rewarding. By accepting Membership with PMS Clan, Members agree that they will not disclose or use any PMS|H2O|ALLY confidential information, either during or after their membership. This includes:
    1. PMS Clan procedures and/or manuals
    2. Passing information from restricted access forums to a Member that does not have the appropriate permissions. (i.e. a Leader discussing issues or topics from the Leader's section with a Member, PMS Members discussing topics or issues located in the PMS areas with H2Os and vice versa, or discussing Clan topic or issues in Member's area with Non-Members, etc.)
    Misuse of confidential information could result in suspension, termination, and possible legal recourse.

    Advertising or Solicitation

    Advertising in any form for any cause in public forums areas is only permitted with permission from the PMS|ALLY Clan Leadership. Please send all advertising inquiries to Clan Leaders RaylaDevine PMS and Ovaryacting PMS. Members are not permitted to distribute non-clan literature or views while using the PMS|H2O|ALLY name, especially those that could be considered offensive or confrontational to others.

    Outside/Personal Sponsorship

    As a PMS|ALLY Member, you may be approached by a potential sponsor who is interested in sponsoring you as an individual player, a PMS|ALLY Clan team, or the organization as a whole. All potential sponsorships or partnerships that involve members using the PMS|H2O|ALLY Clan name are to be immediately submitted to the Clan Leaders, RaylaDevine PMS and Ovaryacting PMS.

    Clan Members may accept a gift from a Client or Sponsor for themselves; however, it is not acceptable to accept a gift in exchange for promotion of that product under the PMS|ALLY Clan name, for any company or product that conflicts with existing Sponsors.

    Compensation and/or Benefits

    It is the desire of PMS|ALLY Clan to reimburse members for work done at industry or consumer events, but this is not always possible. In the event of a Sponsor or outside company contracting to hire Members, PMS|ALLY Clan will attempt to work out appropriate compensation from that company. All information will be presented to any interested Member prior to the event, so that each Member may make an informed decision. If monetary pay is to be received from an event, it will be disbursed based on the client's payout time.

    Changes to Policy

    This manual supersedes all previous membership manuals and memos. While every effort is made to keep the contents of this document current, PMS Clan reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any of the policies, procedures, and/or benefits described in the manual with or without prior notice to members. Please continue to check manual for updates.


    PMS Clan Inc. encourages all Members to make suggestions and provide ideas and feedback as to how to make PMS Clan Inc. a better place and enhance service to PMS|H2O Members. A Member who sees an opportunity for improvement is encouraged to talk it over with their Leader, who can help bring the ideas to the attention to the appropriate individuals who are responsible for possibly implementing them. All suggestions are valued, and if a suggestion is not being followed up on by a Leader, post them in the private General Arena.

    PMS Clan Inc. reserves the right to terminate a membership at anytime without prior notice if an individual's conduct or actions conflict with the expectations of behavior as outlined in this handbook. Acceptance of a PMS|ALLY membership OR recruitment is an agreement of these terms.
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