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    Re: I'm back.......

    Originally posted by BettySkeddi View Post
    Hello Kintar,
    We'd love to have you in our destiny division! When you're ready you should submit an application so we can get you started and playing with us! I even made it easy by giving you a link to our forums! Any questions regarding destiny recruitment, feel free to PM me!

    Sorry Betty got this guy in Halo but =,) you make me so proud hahaha

    *H2O HugsNKisses* *H2O Mad Dog*
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      Re: I'm back.......

      Just stopping by to welcome you back to the community!

      Aww Spock..
      Twitter|Instagram|PSN: PMS_Sugarpuff


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        Re: I'm back.......

        Originally posted by H2O HugsNKisses View Post
        Surprising? I don't know what you mean! Halo's the bestest ever! (For consoles at least ;p)
        Hehe, I agree. I think Halo was my first love (don't tell my fiance)!

        Seriously though, welcome back!


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          Re: I'm back.......

          I'm gonna fight with HugsNKisses on Halo being the best. I think Halo's got some serious competition with AW being out right now...

          But enough about that. Welcome back!