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COD: Ghost (XBOX 360) Battle Ready?

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  • COD: Ghost (XBOX 360) Battle Ready?

    As I sit here in South Carolina, sipping on Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Apple Cider and waiting on the wax to dry on my Riot Shield. I find myself wondering how long does it usually take before I get involved with some clan battles with the H2O Clan.

    It gets quite lonesome with the same ol' wax on, wax off ordeal, every day. I'm not sure how much more shine I can get on this Riot Shield. I do need to remember to keep some refills on the C4. I was in a match the other day with some PMS gals and I was fixing to clutch the round and what do you know, I had already used my last of two C4's. So, as I was doing a mix between the running man and Charlie Brown all the while, I looked like an idiot, as the opposing team member shot me. But that's beside the point...

    My application was turned in at least a couple days ago, which I took my time making sure all the words were spelled correctly, or so I hope. And I know it's the holiday season. Speaking of which, did you watch my boys, South Carolina take it to Wisconsin? What a game that was!

    Anyhoo, if you can help the process along, or just want to chat, or maybe even send me a game invite, I'd be happy to join the fun. I have a few other active players that would also love some action, but they're waiting on me for some reason?

    My XBL name is B2K H4RDxSC0P3D if you'd like to add me.

    Much Love,


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    Re: COD: Ghost (XBOX 360) Battle Ready?

    The divisions are on vacation for the holidays and will be restarting next week. You should be hearing back shortly from TheJoker H2O and Too 1337 H2O on the recruitment process.

    As for clan battles, once you finish your recruitment, you can join a team with your H2O division mates or form a team with any PMS or H2O members.


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      Re: COD: Ghost (XBOX 360) Battle Ready?

      Thanks! Thraxsta actually messaged me yesterday and I'm supposed to have my orientation tonight at 10 EST.