Personal Servers Policy:

PMS|ALLY Clan, in conjunction with Sponsor partnership provides multiple game servers and chat clients for the use of the Membership. In the case that...
  • ...a Clan sponsored server is unavailable, the use of a personal server may be approved by the Platform Generals for Divisional usage, and therefore may have the PMS|ALLY Clan branding applied to the server.
  • ...a Clan sponsored server is available but an individual wishes to provide a private server for Divisional usage, PMS|H2O Platform Generals have the option to deny approval of Division hours/ or Clan events on the private server.

PMS|ALLY Clan requires the following standards to be observed with regard to personally owned Clan branded servers:
1. The server owner may not use the admin powers that they have over the server to grant themselves in-game benefits.
2. The server owner may not interrupt or disturb Division practice.
3. PMS Clan has the right to use the server for Division practice hours/ clan events.
4. If the server owner no longer a part of the Clan, PMS|H2O Clan requires that all references to the PMS|ALLY Clan be removed from the server name immediately, as well as ceasing to use it for Clan functions.

Any Member including the server owner who is found to be in non-compliance with the rules and requirements as listed above is subject to the warning procedures as listed in the PMS|ALLY Clan Handbook, as discussed here.

(Updated: 6/14/2020)