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  • Discord Server Information

    We use Discord as our main source of communication with the community. It is highly encouraged to join the server. Join the conversation with many PMS & ALLY members on Discord at If you are an official member of the clan, please request your full rights at this link so that we can verify your Discord ID:

    How to gain access to all public channels:

    Click on the #Rules channel. After you have read and understood our clan rules, you will react to the message using the emoji required. In doing this you shall gain Guest access to the rest of our public clan channels.

    *You will have to verify your Discord ID in our forums ( ) if you wish to gain the ability to share attachment/images within our channels.


    - #introduce-yourself – A chance for you to introduce yourself to the community

    - #announcements – Official announcements from the PMS Clan site and social media

    - #global_chat – Open chat for all discord server members

    - #recruitment – Contains info on how to go about recruiting into our clan, and whom to contact

    - #role-assignment – Visit this channel to assign yourself platform roles (PC, Xbox, PS, Switch) and the announcement role to be notified any time we post an announcement.

    - #help_and_support – Our official help channel. Post in here if in need of assistance
    Ovaryacting PMS
    Clan Co-Leader
    PMS|H2O Destiny Xbox Founding Member
    H2O Camper's PMS
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!