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  • Website and Forum Feedback

    Hello everyone!

    As everyone noticed, the website has been updated on our server. With this update there may be new issues. Please post in this thread any bugs, issues, reports, and questions you may have or are dealing with as much information as possible. What you are doing, what happened, screenshots, etc.

    Please be patient and be assured we will work out the issues that are brought up.

    Thank You!

    ​​​​​​-Clan Leadership-

    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!

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    is there a way to make forums darker. this is way too much light for me lol. and we should bring Sigs back!

    Thanks to PMS Blue Jay for my awesome Gears of war 3 Sig...H2O Insane Live Stream: Check it out when it's online @h2oinsane twitter