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[READ THIS!] Requesting or Making a Signature? Make sure to know the rules!

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  • [READ THIS!] Requesting or Making a Signature? Make sure to know the rules!

    If You're Making OR Requesting Signatures, Know Your Limits!!!

    Originally posted by Rip View Post
    I really hate giving infractions for sigs that barely fit on my monitor (22") - and can't imagine how someone on a 14" laptop can navigate around these beautiful, but massive pieces of art. Even worse is when people hate me for giving them an infraction about it!
    Really people, I don't want to have to give infractions, but i also want to make sure i can load a page without having it spend 3/4 of the time on your signature. That is why we have sig rules - they allow us to not only view the forums better, but improve load times and help keep the server from crying. If anything, just remember - keep within the sig rules - our server will love you!

    So to the sig makers - please, if you know the person you're making a sig for will use it on the forums - make it within our sig limits (check out the forum rules if you're confused)

    To the members - please make sure your sigs are within our limits. Sig sizes shouldn't go over the limits we state, and also don't put 3,000 lines of text - i'm sure you can make a beautiful ASCII work of art - colored even - in that sig, but then i have to scroll through it every time i read your posts. I like reading posts, i like pretty stuff, but i like a balance. Keep the sigs small enough so we can still read the thread - and remember, the poor server.

    Finally, don't get mad at me if i do give you an infraction. I'm not doing it because I hate you or think you're a bad person. In fact, anyone who i see that has a blatantly giant signature I will give them an infraction. Its the only effective way for me to remind people we've got regulations and ask ya to stick with them (I tried personal messages before, but people seemed to think i was targeting them :mvshakefist
    Official PMS Code of Conduct


    ONE signature, No bigger than 500px wide X 150px High, and can not exceed 750 kb Exactly

    If you are making a signature i suggest you give yourself a restricted work area of 500X150px, that way you already have a max space that will not put you over the limit. However if you wish to not do that, you do not have to, i have some more tips for other ways. If you start with a area that is let say 600x200px, you didn’t fill in all the space, simply get rid of that extra space to cut down your file size. If you save it with the extra space, that space then becomes part of the image itself and is counted with checking the size of a signature.

    For the flash, Gif, or animated Signatures, if they are animated make sure they stay at or under 750 kb exactly. If you are just grabbing a gif off of the internet make sure it does not exceed any of these rules!

    **NEW**2) Absolutely no images that are inappropriate (overly promiscuous or provocative) are to be used. For example (but not limited to), avatars, toons, and game characters that are too revealing are inappropriate. Please refer to this section of the handbook for a reference. Keep it Pixar friendly. The moderator team and directors reserve the right to deem what is and isn't clan appropriate. Actions will be taken if we determine your signature is not appropriate. If you have any questions or are unsure about what is "forum friendly and appropriate", please do not hesitate to PM us.

    3) A single (1) small gamercard, Stat card, OR userbar no bigger than 350px wide X 25 px high.

    I recommend a userbar without parts that stick out to be 350px X 19px as it is the most common size when talking about a normal userbar.

    For the userbars that have something sticking out of them make sure you are within the limits! these are commonly over the limit and will get you a warning or infraction. If you are making them i recommend giving yourself a restricted work area of 350px X 25px so you do not exceed your limits. (the Raptr bars CAN NOT be used with a signature. It's size is over the limit because they are 440px X 56px!!!)

    4) No more then 3 small sticky items such as 3 Easter eggs or 3 small gifs, no bigger then 50px X 50px

    5) Total of 4 lines of text.

    Here is an example of the MAX the forums will let you have: (this is a screen shot so the pony's will not move)

    As you can see not ONLY do you the four above rule we have set in place, there is also character limit when editing it, you can only have 500, this includes all the random letters and number in your image links!

    6) **NEW**Language -
    All curse words have been censored from the PMS Clan website, and we consider these forums to be rated E for Everyone. Although we sometimes play mature games, this community will be open for everyone of all ages and cultures.

    Word Filters:
    While it may be tempting, the word filters are there for a reason. Please don't bypass them by using characters or numbers in place of letters. Saying Rip Sme11s instead of the obvious plain text version doesn't changing the meaning. So let the word filters do their job, or try to reword your posts.

    We set these rules in place to help keep things looking clean, and to also cut down on the load time. We have 42,000+ users on our website and if we did not have any set rules then the load time for our threads and pages would be extremely long, or not everything will load the way it should. Also with the way technology is in today's age, not everyone always uses a computer, there are laptops, tablets, and smartphones each having a different way of doing things and we would like all of our members to be able to load from anywhere on any device.

    Bottom line, follow the set limits for your signature, no one likes giving or receiving infractions for them. If someone else makes your signature it is your responsibility to check the size because you are the one using it.

    - PMS Clan reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules and will be determined by the panel of Directors on a case by case basis. These exceptions can include Clan Leaders, Executives, and Directors to reward them for the countless number of hours that they contribute to the clan every week.

    -- Questions or comments about signature violations, rules, or are unsure about your current signature can be sent to
    PMS M0nkey
    , Jump Guy H2O, or Chaser PMS for clarification.

    --- Credit and thanks go to PMS M0nkey
    Jump Guy H2O
    H2O Clan
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