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FS: AudioTechnica AD900

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  • FS: AudioTechnica AD900

    What I have here is a pair of AudioTechnica AD900's that are being sold as-is. I have tested before boxing back up in original box to verify working condition.

    Detachable 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter NOT included, I thought I had it in the AD900 box, but apparently I was wrong (the standard connector on the cord end is 1/8" (3.5mm) ). The padding has use but still in great condition and the headphones themselves are working perfectly.

    These cans sit at a nice low 35ohm impedance and run wonderfully without the need for an amp of any kind.

    Asking $140 shipped SOLD!

    - Heat
    - Paypal for payment
    - Shipping from 38237 via USPS
    - Trade history a huge plus
    (If you don't have trade history, when making payment you MUST add this to payment message via Paypal, "Purchasing AS-IS" to protect myself from fraudulent members here)
    - ConUS only

    Concerning the as-is message, this is to make sure Paypal sides with the seller in case of scam.

    Details on these headphones would have to be exclaimed as that of amazing sound stage and separation of sounds. Some say they have a lack of bass, for which they are NOT bass heavy, but the bass IS there and defined (punchy), just not artificial like that of a subwoofer. These cans provide amazingly crisp highs, clean mids, not much of anything bad to say about them with AT's house sound signature found in these beauties. As far as gaming with them, they are probably some of the better headphones out there for positional audio.

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    <3 my PMS girl Archeai

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    Re: FS: AudioTechnica AD900

    <3 my PMS girl Archeai


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      If only I was working at the Cleaning service Calgary for a bit long, I would have been able to afford these headphones. They are a bit out off my price range right now so I cant.