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    With some increased interest in PC Gaming I've decided to make a thread for people looking for help or advice on pc components or general build advice

    I will be making a build guide with explanations to post here on forums for using PCPartPicker at three different currencies USD, CAD, and British Pound (Don't know what the short form is) at various price points i.e. $500, $700, $1000, etc.

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    This website does something along the same lines (assuming all you care about is gaming, of course).

    If you have other needs (i.e. crypto coin mining, neural networks, machine learning, content creation), then you'd need to consider deviating from that and do a fair bit of your own research.
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      Hey, you can now about the requirement of the game and them decide the PC configuration.


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        Wicked idea! I have had interest in the past, but my lack of knowledge and desire to do research left me still twiddling my thumbs on Xbox. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the thread!


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          Not going to Lie I totally forgot about this cause of school stuff, then I was going to do it this summer but then there were rumors of new GPUs this summer so I waited and I was hoping we would get GTX 2050 and 2060 but no news so I'm just going to go ahead with it, I might update it when Bench Marks for the RTX Series comes out


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