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Elite pad vs stock pad

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  • Elite pad vs stock pad

    While I created True Southpaw on a stock pad controller out of the box they're only 16 buttons and while the elite pad ONLY has 20 buttons used the way I have both True Southpaw and extreme default which is for my driving games or for the Right handed to play games like destiny with!

    My goal was to never have to take my hands off the dual analog sticks and my elite pad with ONLY 4 extra buttons accomplished it!

    Drop the southpaw and extreme default is how I have the paddles and top even had to criss cross the 4 paddles so long on top and short down remember it's over under and swapping left long to top right while top short to left grip and same for the other paddles , yes it's still pricey but when used as a 20 button pad it's a leap like your first dual analog was a leap vs just the dpad.
    True Southpaw forever