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  • Streaming on Twitch

    What is the best setup you've got for twitch streaming?

    software, hardware, and a picture of your setup would be awesome

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    I'll post a photo later when I'm home but...

    i run run my consoles and PC into an HDMI switch and the output of that into an Elgato game capture HD. That was I don't have to swap cables to stream different sources.

    Im using the GCHD software to run streams right now but will be switching to OBS at some point. It's a work in progress.


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      I personally find it easier to stream from the Xbox app if you're on a budget. My setup is my xbox one and then my pc is up next to me so I can view the chat. I use my astro a40 to speak with the chat. Not very high tech but it gets the job done.


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        A good Capture card Decent pc and mic (webcam optional)