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  • H2O Re-Branding

    Hello fellow clan members and community at large!

    PMS Clan has had a lot of activity after our leadership transition. The leadership team has been quietly working on a vision for the future and how we can evolve as a community. While we're working on many initiatives, we're excited to announce that H2O Clan will be re-branded to PMS Ally.

    H2O Clan was first formed as our brother clan in 2005 and has been critical to building the foundation of our community. We can't succeed at normalizing women in gaming without our allies. As our friends, spouses, siblings, children, parents, and others who are just as passionate as we are about supporting women in gaming, the core base of H2O is inherently one for supporting diversity and inclusiveness. We felt the change of the name is one that can match these ideals better and bring us together as a whole. Moving forward, anyone, regardless of identity, is welcome to join PMS Ally.
    What does this mean for our current H2Os?

    Current H2Os have the option to keep their H2O tag; however, all future recruits who join PMS Ally will use the ALLY tag (or none if they choose not to add a tag) on the forums and in our Discord.

    We know this is a HUGE change, but we hope to see everyone embrace the new name that will continue to champion our causes. Let us know your thoughts below!
    RaylaDevine PMS
    Clan Leader
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    When will the change be happening?

    Extra-life 2015 Pixie PMS

    Blessed to have my Best Friend and SoulMate H2O Pan :mvlove: in my Life.


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