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Hi I'm new! At E3

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  • Hi I'm new! At E3

    Hey everyone reading this!
    I have never been in a clan before and I started playing video games later than most people. I started when I first got a tremendous amount of free time due to illness 4 years ago(I am 19 now). I have been playing them religiously since then. I currently have an Xbox360 and a PC but I rarely use my 360.
    I have been playing a lot of video games recently due to getting sick again. I joined so I would potentially have people to play with. It gets very maddening living in a hospital alone. I am currently about to attend E3 and I am hoping to meet people there. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am sure it will be my best one yet. Anyways if you see me there I will be easy to recognize I will be the incredibly tall skinny guy completely covered up. It will probably look like I am cosplaying, but thats not the case I just have an excessive amount of scars lol.
    I will only be online during the night time until E3 is over, have a good week and I hope you enjoy E3!

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    Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

    Welcome to our forums! take a look around, get to know the place and if you have any questions let us know!


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      Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

      Welcome to the forums!!! So glad you decided to join us. Hope you have a Happy Birthday and an epic time at E3!!!!

      olllllllo <3 My Big Sis PMS Mz Chaos & My LiL Sis PMS Eternityx :mvreallyhappy: olllllllo
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        Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

        Hey! I hope you see this! Where are you at? Message your # we can hang out
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          Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

          Happy Late Bday I hope your having a grrrrrreat time at E3!

          Much love 4 my Sisters Heavenly Fightr, PMS Maleifcent, PMS Lightning and PMS Shy Achvmntand my Best Friend/Sister in RL PMSChaosphoenix
          Xander, my son, my world, I love you, always.
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            Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

            Happy birthday and welcome to the forums! ^_^

            Aww Spock..
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              Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

              Welcome! Hope you had a nice birthday!

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                Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

                Welcome to a fellow Ohioan!!
                PMS H2O Here we go! SmurfBears 4ever! <3 lil sis Katastrophe <3 Love my sissy Mz Salty
                <3 My hubby Cruennas <3


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                  Re: Hi I'm new! At E3


                  Whats your name? if you dont mind me asking, what games do you play on PC and xbox?

                  remember to stay active!



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                    Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

                    Welcome to the forums!

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                      Re: Hi I'm new! At E3

                      Hello, Welcome to the forums. Happy Belated Birthday!

                      What games do you play and since you started late, what was the first game you played?

                      Much Bro Love to H2O Monsta and PMS SassyCassie!
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