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Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community :)

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  • Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community :)

    Heyo all,

    My friend from school H20 Darkbunny told me about this clan and that the SC2 division is relatively new. I'm here to check it out - see how you guys are doing. I've heard good things about you guys, and I'll be more than happy to get to know you guys.

    I actively play Starcraft II, Counter-Strike Source, Tera Online, The Halo Series, and whatever is a hit at the time.

    Starcraft 2:
    I'm a Masters level random player that has chosen to stick to Terran to settle down with. I've been a competitive gamer all my life, reaching top ladder rankings in SC1 (as zerg), Halo 3 (SWAT/Snipes), and many other games.

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    Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

    Hey Rain, we would welcome you in the SC2 Div. We're all family there


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      Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

      HiHi and Welcome to the forums! Good luck with your recruitment! :]


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        Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

        Welcome to the forums man


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          Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

          Hey there! Welcome!!

          Sister love to PMS MzSalty and PMS TiNkTiNk


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            Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

            Thanks guys!

            A question for the SC2 community:
            How competitive is the division? And how active are the players?

            The reason being - I've decided to commit to SC2 and to compete in SC2 tournaments next year (like MLG anaheim, NASL, IPL). So I'm wandering the 'internetz' looking for friends with the same ambitions :P.

            Then of course, I play many other games for fun, so I'm still going to come hang out with H20|PMS regardless.

            Feel free to hit me up for games,



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              Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

              Hey and welcome!!
              Our comp team is fairly active, right now the pro team is taking a bit of a break.
              But sc2 is basically an independent game, you don't really need an active community to improve. Our community is really active, but mostly players under master. We like to have fun instead.
              If you want to compete, you should be playing in all the daily tournaments. There is honestly a tournament every day, free entry with cash prizes. I lied, theres like 2-3 tournaments everyday... anyway, if you browse the tournament forums, every small tournament and major tournament is listed there, with details on prize pool, when to sign up, and everything.
              I been doing that kind of practice regiment since the beta, and that is seriously how you improve if you are actually serious about sc2.

              Anyway good luck with recruitment if you do decide to stay!
              remember to stay active!




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                Re: Rain - LF Competitive SC2 Community

                ohhh and our ingame channel is :: PMS|H2O Clan , there is always people in there