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  • New here!!

    I’m new here. I kind of lost gaming when I had kids but Im starting to get back into my groove and I would love playing with people.

    I play Xbox. Mostly ColdWar, zombie and multiplayer modes, and Warzone. I’m not bad I can hold my own most times, but I’m not a Goddess either.

    I get VERY anxious talking to people, that being said I have a mic I just chose to mute. I would really love to make some gaming friends that won’t judge me for humming baby shark or little Einstein songs.

    uhm. Idk if there’s a post to do this in so I made my own.
    thank you for reading! And I hope I get to talk to some amazing people!!!!

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    Hi! Baby shark is catchy and I often find myself humming it at random times as well lol! If you haven't already please join our discord server: Thats were we talk and we have an awesome Call of Duty division who won't judge you for breaking out in song randomly . Add my activision ID Boopies (no numbers) and we can play and sing together! Welcome


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      I absolutely will!! Thank you!! The excited is real right now!!


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        Welcome to the forum! By the way, Warzone is awesome. Great to have you on board with us on here AmandaPandasz !


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          Welcome welcome! Our Call of Duty division has a lot of amazing people! I do hear them randomly sing though which always catches me off guard lol(That's right, I sneak into your CoD practices Euphie and Euphoria!) But seriously, they are an amazing and fun group to play with.

          Thank you Loki PMS for the sign <3 <3 XBL: TheWiccanRaven PSN: WiccanRaven