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  • Hello :D

    Hello people

    My name's Cat. I'm a new recuitment (I think xD). I'm 19. I love meeting new people, super awkward. And I love playing dead by daylight I'm here to meeet new people, gain some some games too. That's fun

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    Welcome! Welcome! Yes, come in from the cold. Quite dreadful out there, come in by the fire and warm up. The family has been expecting you and are overjoyed for you to be able to join us on this grand adventure!

    Do you play any other games or just Dead by Daylight? We have plenty of new people to meet, the family loves getting new members Also, I hear that the Dead by Daylight division has a lot of super awesome members as well!

    Thank you Loki PMS for the sign <3 <3 XBL: TheWiccanRaven PSN: WiccanRaven


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      Hi and welcome! Hope you enjoy our forums and discord!
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