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Classy OG PMS clan girl is back

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  • Demon Devs
    Hey! Welcome back =)
    I am the division leader for Call of Duty, and we are more than happy to have you. I was going to suggest joining the discord but I see you've already done that! We pretty much use that to communicate now.

    You should be hearing from one of my recruitment managers pretty soon, but feel free to jump into any practises you see! I look forward to playing with you soon

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  • PMS CombatQueen
    started a topic Classy OG PMS clan girl is back

    Classy OG PMS clan girl is back

    Hi, some of you may remember me. I was in the clan when Amy and Amber ran the clan. Bumped into PS4 tag H20_Lazz3r on COD MW,he made me think of the clan again and I miss being part of it. I used to go by the name CombatQueenPMS, PMSCombatQueen. I used to be a general of the fighting game divisions, ran some practices on Halo and COD. The clan is great, I just had to take care of my kids going to school and 2 jobs. Now they are grown up and I have time I am more than happy to help on any of the games for practices once I get out of recruitment.

    On the main page of the site, I am the one with the oval glasses right behind Amy and Amber (straight smile lol). I have a TikTok and Youtube with videos of my gameplay I will post the correct forums later. Missed you ladies and gents!
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