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Hi Hoping to come back :)

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  • Hi Hoping to come back :)

    Used to be known as Pms Eclipse Really hope i can come back been missing the clan for years now and now my son settled down from his chaos i think it time to come back I would like get back into Halo but often play more gears or anything pc

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    Welcome back! Woot Woot for returning members!!

    The Halo division is still going strong! *tries to flex but fails* umm.. *ahem* anyway...

    We do have a GoW division currently on Xbox and PC!

    We also have the CoD division which is now crossplatform as well with the release of the newest game!

    I look forward to seeing you around! Also, don't forget to join our discord server if you have discord!

    Thank you Loki PMS for the sign <3 <3 XBL: TheWiccanRaven PSN: WiccanRaven


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      Welcome back let me know if you need any help or have any questions