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  • Heyas peeps!

    Just your friendly neighbor pms.momo aka SheLiveth/kassi dropping in to say hello and that I am still alive and gaming. Just haven't been active on forums and the social world of pms but I still game and play quite a few FPS games and other games even after all these years! Hope everyone is doing great!

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    Evening PMS Momo,

    Welcome back! And what FPS's/console do you mainly play on?

    You'll notice our forums can get kind of quiet now, but that's mostly because we're always poppin on Discord.

    You can find the a link to the Discord Channel in this thread >>here<<, and how to request your rights on Discord.

    It looks like you made a new account? Did you lose access to your old one? If so, I should be able to assist you in getting your old profile back in your possession. Just let me know!

    ~H2O HugsNKisses


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      Welcome Back Momo!

      *H2O HugsNKisses* *H2O Mad Dog*
      Rabbit | Canadian | MightyGunz | Mercy | Reikura | Ratchet
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