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  • Old School H2O Returning

    Hey everyone! Last time I was here, Osiris and Diablo were Leaders of H2O Call Of Duty. Saw the Facebook post and decided to return as well. Probably just gonna do Casual for now until I get a better scope of my work schedule since I got back with doing band photography at concerts. The Twins convinced me to come back. lol

    Anyway, I initially started playing with PMS and H2O back when the Frag Doll and PMS "Game With" night took place when the OG Modern Warfare was released on 360. During a game of Search, I managed to eliminate the ladies in one shot when it was only me left, and the lovely ladies of Frag Dolls/PMS had a full stack. After that happened, I was contacted by JeepChick and Athena later on after the event ended. I played a few more rounds and was asked if I had any interest in H2O, which I gladly accepted. I would go on to play up until life took over, and the Navy called my name. I dropped to casual around that time and have been AFK from this site for a few years due to family and military life taking over. Now that I am out of the military (got that DD-214 beard) and life has calmed down a bit, I'd like to shift my focus back to H2O and help build the team back up.

    My GT is currently NikonPlaysGames for streaming purposes to reflect my Twitch name, but I would like to change that back to my H2O name.

    Note: I would like to offer my media skills to the clan as a thank you for being awesome. For live events (such as Tournaments, Conventions, and Expos), I am available Friday nights through weekends with some notice. For simple stuff online, I am here for that too.

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    For everyone wondering, I did join in 2007, but my old account went haywire round '08, so I was forced to create a new account.