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Just Joined and Looking For People To Play With

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  • Just Joined and Looking For People To Play With

    Hey Guys,

    I just joined this clan yesterday, and I was hoping to find some new friends to play with. I have a decent group of home friends that I game with currently, but I was hoping to find a new community in which I could help others grow as well as create a great gaming environment for everyone.

    A little bit about me:

    I made my own twitch channel last year, but I am currently working on redoing it complete (stay tuned for that if you are interested)
    I literally play so many different games currently, but I noticed I consistently play Fortnite and League of Legends, both on PC
    I spend most if not of my free time trying to learn new videogames and little talents
    I have a pet parrot named, Leo. Hopefully he won't be too loud while we are trying to play
    I am at the point where I want to try to find a group of people that could create or work on competitive gameplay
    I work a night shift, so I usually am around all day and most of the evening to play
    That is really about it, ha

    Anyways, I am going to try to figure out how to use this forum more, so that I can try to learn about everyone, and eventually help others in here.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reply with them. I am going to join the discord tomorrow as well as figure out my exact names for all of my games.
    I believe my Fornite username is: mweiler1217
    My summoner name for LoL is: matman1217
    Both of those will be changing soon to my new name: Professor.Fate

    I hope you guys have a great week, and I hope to talk to you all soon!

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    Hey Fate,

    I see you've already submitted an app to the Fortnite division so you're already on the right track. You'll definitely have a lot of fun and overall great people to game with. Glad to have you join the family.


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      Team night shift! I tried LoL couldn't get into it because there's too much to learn lol. I play a mean Ryze though haha. You'll probably catch me on Fortnite a lot so if you ever need someone who's not the greatest but can sometimes handle their business... I'm your guy. Epic ID is Spiffy213. I'm not near a computer so I'll add you when I get a chance

      Protector of penguins