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I'd like to make some friends. :D

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  • I'd like to make some friends. :D

    Hai, nobody will probably remember me but I am an old member, well not really. I play a lot of Destiny 1 and 2, that's mainly why I joined the clan. I really enjoyed hanging out with the people in the clan, they were really nice, but I didn't really participate in anything. So that's why I got kicked out... I'd love to join back because I need people to talk to, I don't have many friends ever since I got into this homeschooling thing, well I've been in it for 2 years. Anyways I'd like to make some new friends around here.
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    Hey Chaser!

    Welcome back, unfortunately our Destiny PC division was archived due to lack of interest, right now our PC players are playing a bit of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Fortnite! Do you play either of those for the PC?


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      Chaser2.0 welcome back!

      One of the best places to join the conversation is on our Discord channel. If you need a link, please let us know! We have real-time updates, announcements, Twitch posts, etc happening out there as well as LFG sections for different games. It might help with getting re-acquainted with the community!


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        I too play destiny1. I love playing it. I will be very glad to your be your friend.