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Hi Im dragonrick, or Burnsy Whatever you prefer!

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  • Hi Im dragonrick, or Burnsy Whatever you prefer!

    dragonricky* I love Overwatch, Call of Duty, Rust, hockey,Rush, cats, dogs and more!. I am always down to play games so please message me (I am hella bored rn). Other than that I am kinda shy but I am chill.
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    Hey dragonricky welcome to the forums! I've been getting more into Overwatch recently. Are you looking to join a division?
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      Welcome friend! You should join in overwatch sometime

      *H2O HugsNKisses* *H2O Mad Dog*
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        Welcome to the forums, Dragonricky! Glad to see you posting over here! I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow for our recruitment session!

        My husband is a big Rush fan - he got me into them. I never really knew who they were before I met him!