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  • Hello Everybody!

    Greetings! I'm HWM Swift.

    I'm one of the Halo Wheelmen from The other week whilst running a BTB lobby we happened to match up against some PMS members, and were quite amused to see them run a hog at us right off the start xD. It has been a very long time since some of us have seen a PMS/H2O tag let alone run up against them in a match, I think now days we tend to see a few in Overwatch on occasion. It's nice to see some communities and clans we used to play with back in the day are still around, unfortunately a large majority faded out of existence so any time we run into on communities it's always a joy.

    To that end we are hoping to set up some mixers sometime soon where we can get together play some Halos, maybe even Overwatch, and have some fun. Feel free to stop by our site and say hi in the shout box or if you see any of our members throw out some messages to join in our games, we are always willing to have other community members join to fill up lobbies.

    We look forward to playing with some of you again!

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    Welcome to our forums, HWM Swift !! Just sent you a PM to try and coordinate a mixer on the Halo side. Also tagging PMS Sireniix since she is my partner in crime!

    That BTB match was so funny - all game we kept thinking that "HWM" looked so familiar. As soon as we saw it typed out it jogged all of our memories! We are super glad that your group is still around as well & we are definitely looking forward to more games together!

    We have a pretty hopping group over on the Overwatch side of things too. If you have any PC players let me know! I'd love to coordinate something there. Otherwise, PMS Azrael , H2O Variks & H2O 20tw3ntee would be the best contacts for our Overwatch Xbox division


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      You have a tagging function on your boards? That's soooooo coool.

      After that game I did check to see if you were streaming and it was amusing to watch some of the VOD and hear you gals like "Hmmmm HWM sounds familiar... what does it stand for?"

      I think most of our Overwatch is Xbox based so I'll definitely have to hit up that Xbox division.


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        New forums, new features Glad you guys enjoyed our stream, haha. I think we're trying to get at least one of our practices hosted once a week. We do allowed guests in too - I believe Monday is out guest night!


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          Originally posted by HWM Swift View Post
          ... I think most of our Overwatch is Xbox based so I'll definitely have to hit up that Xbox division.
          My gamertag is the same as it is here. Hit me up sometime.


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            Originally posted by H2O 20tw3ntee View Post
            My gamertag is the same as it is here. Hit me up sometime.
            I'll be sure to add you to my list then =]


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              Hello Swift!! I haven't seen a HaloWheelman Member since Halo Reach! Glad our communities have reacquainted! I think the last mixer I remember having with you all may have been on Halo Reach, I went by AlmightMoa PMS back then and PMS Stargirl was our community manager at the time. You guys always had good warthog gametypes!

              Anyways, looking forward to seeing our communities play again!

              Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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                I personally didn't play a lot of Reach, it was a busy period in my life with College and what not, but I do vaguely remember the gamertag. Invasion was the gametype we mostly ran back then and was actually when we had the most interaction with the game developers themselves as we had lots of input when it come to matchmaking and various community forged maps both in BTB and Invasion. It's sad to see that now developers don't seem to care much about communities anymore (especially the long lasted one.) BTB was basically an afterthought in this Halo which is saddening.

                Speaking of Warthog game types, we did actually manage to recreate Splatter Flag if anyone remembers that. The one with warthogs driving down a hill as the other team has to run up it to capture a flag. Maybe we can throw that is as it sure is a lot of fun.


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                  welcome to the forums HWM Swift I'm one of the div leaders for halo I didnt get to attend that practice that you got paired up against us due to work but I hope to play with yall in future events.


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                    For sure Deuces56 H2O! We often grab members from other communities to fill our lobbies sometimes so hopefully after this mixer we will have a bunch of new people to play with =]

                    We are also always down for mixers/community events so if you ever feel like having one don't hesitate to either hit up me or one of our admins.

                    We just posted the sign up thread for the upcoming mixer on our site so we can get the ball rolling.
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                      I just want to say thank you to everyone who turned up for the mixer between our communities. I received nothing but good feeback on our side and everyone had a blast and would gladly have another mixer.

                      Thank you so much for being such great hosts and enjoyable people to play with. I look forward to more interaction between our communities, mixers or scrimmages or otherwise =]