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  • It's been awhile!

    Hello I'm rok559 formally known as H2O Rok559. It's been a so long since I've been an active member or Even browsed the the website it looks so different around here lol.. I decided to take a peak and look around to see if maybe I would run into familiar faces..

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    Hey Rok! How ya doing?

    I miss playing with you!

    You gonna come back to us soon, Rok559 ?
    WildcatFlo PMS
    PMS|H2O Call of Duty Xbox Division Leader


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      Welcome back to the forums, Rok559 !! Yeah - our forums have had a bit of a face lift recently. (Well, recently as in the past year or so).

      What divisions were you a part of previously? Also, what are you playing or up to now?


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        Phelixia PMS It looks great ... I was part of the Call of duty division for a long time till things started getting kinda rocky lol... I haven't been playing Cod as much idk bout Infinite warfare I'm still trying to get my self to enjoy it May be it's cause I been playing it alone for awhile lol I've also been playing alot of neverwinter don't ask why it just grew on me somehow lol


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          No worries! I think Neverwinter was free on XBL wasn't it? I knew a lot of people that started to get into it!

          I'm usually on either Overwatch or Halo, myself. With the odd game I play here and there like Dark Souls or something like that.


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            (✿◠‿◠) Welcome back to the PMS|H2O community Rok559 (✿◠‿◠)
            My name is Azrael and I am the Division Leader for the PMS|H2O Overwatch Xbox division. We have numerous divisions to choose from if you're interested in going active again! Feel free to add me and message me if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you and maybe see an application in the forums here soon? Good luck!
            PMS|H2O Call of Duty Xbox
            Trouble Twin
            PMS Minx