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I AM BACK AND ALIVE!!!! Since 2007 Member here!

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  • Azrael PMS
    (✿◠‿◠) Welcome back to the PMS|H2O community H2O SpartansSoul (✿◠‿◠)

    My name is Azrael and I am the Division Leader for the PMS|H2O Overwatch Xbox division. We have numerous divisions to choose from, including the PC Overwatch division, so I know you will have an easy time finding one to call home Feel free to add me and message me if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you, and maybe see an application in the forums here soon? Good luck!

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  • Ovaryacting PMS
    Welcome Back! I've been around a long time, but I don't believe we've met! Are you planning on recruiting into a PC division?

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  • phelixia pms
    Welcome back to the forums & the community H2O SpartansSoul! It's awesome to see some returning members

    Glad to see you are interested in the PC Overwatch division! It's actually our only PC division at the moment, but we are pretty active. We use Vent still for PC communications.

    Our forums are a little quirky and it looks like it removed the previous recruitment thread, so I just created a new one if you are interested - PC Overwatch Recruitment Thread.

    Over here you can see all platforms and what divisions are currently available.

    Hope this helps! Hopefully we'll be able to play sometime together!

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  • I AM BACK AND ALIVE!!!! Since 2007 Member here!

    Hello everyone I would like to Introduce myself , Again since 2008 , I been here for really long time and something happen in my life that toke me away from this Clan , I am good now and back to gaming! From Xbox360 to PS3 to PC ONLY now! Anyone that still here that where my old squad from COD4 or WoW , Gears of War!!! SHOUT OUT TO YOU ALL I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! To everyone else old and new ! I am SpartansSoul aka Spartan from Russia-Moscow moved to USA-Chicago now live in WI , 27 year old ! Love gaming , sports etc Please hit me up ! For games!

    P.S: If you got this far Thank you! And please help me to find PC Division for games Overwatch or any Blizzard games Heroes of the Storm .. And Battlefield 1 Thank you , This website now really look different so I am super confused !!!! <3

    BattleTag- Artashir#1412
    Origins-Battlefield 1 (Artashir89)
    My steam is Mistrust4 <3 welcome to add me
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