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  • Hello All

    Hello all. I'm new around here. Yay for new faces. I'm in the beginning stages of recruitment so thought it was nigh time to introduce myself.
    My name is Jessica. I live in the middle of a bunch of corn fields in Ohio, though I've decided I will move to Colorado someday. (gotta save some money. Still in the broke college kid stage)
    I just graduated from college and am now certified to teach middle school.
    With that being said, playing some good ole Xbox is a way to relax from stressful days with the changing hormones of kids that age.
    I play mainly Halo, though go back and forth with GoW, CoD, Destiny, and Skyrim as well.
    I listen to indie pop/indie rock music so if anyone has some awesome bands, I'd love to talk music with you.

    Im looking forward to moving ahead and gaming with you all. Hit me up on Xbox. My gamer tag is SandwichMakrPro.

    PS- The tag was kind of to be funny playing off all the stupid nonsensical gender stereotypes, but I really do make a mean sandwich.

    XBL: SammichMakr PMS PSN: SammichMakrPMS
    B.Net: SandwichMakr#1299 Steam: SandwichMakrPro

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    Welcome to the forums, Jessica!

    Awesome to hear that your recruitment is starting up! I'm actually one of the Community Managers for Halo, so I will definitely see you around! I also play a bunch of Overwatch on PC Halo & Overwatch are probably my primary games at the moment.

    I love your forum/gamertag btw. It definitely gave me a chuckle.

    Looking forward to see you in practice!


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      Welcome to the forums. I'm currently going through recruitment for the H2O Halo division.

      I mainly play Halo and Overwatch but there's a handful of other games that I play on Xbox as well. I also play on Wii U, PC and 3DS.

      Looking forward to seeing you around.


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        Welcome! I hope you're recruitment goes well, it was really fun playing with you earlier! You not only make a mean sandwich but a mean shot too :P
        Low-Key Siggy Shop ~~~ Deviantart
        <3 My Sisters & H2O: Lightning | Shy Achvmnt | Kupo


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          Hello! Hello! Welcome to the forums! Love the name btw.

          I'm a substitute teacher with plans on teaching middle school, once I finish school. I also play Halo, Destiny, Skyrim. Though I am currently juggling The Division (Survival mode is my favorite) and Dishonored 2.

          Feel Free to add me on xbl, my gt is the same as my forum name - Ovaryacting PMS!

          Good Luck with recruitment!

          Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!