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  • Time to introduce myself..

    Hello everyone who is kind enough to view this post. ^.^ My name is Marissa and I have been playing games since I was 7 years old.. and I'm 19 now. Such a long time.. but I have to thank my brothers for getting me into games. Playing games has been a big part of my life and it means so much to me.. (: I'm very shy with bad anxiety but when I play I feel free haha c': I play all types of games but I have a obsession with call of duty.. but I'm willing to try new things. Anyways.. that's all about me. I can't wait to get started getting to know many people here! Have a lovely day guys and gals. <3

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    Welcome to the forums, Marissa-xo ! We definitely have a CoD division available if you're interested - are you on Playstation or Xbox?

    And no worries about the anxiety bit Gaming helps with my anxiety too, it's part of the reason I love it so much! (It can also cause some anxiety if I'm having a bad game though, so I guess it's a double edged sword...)

    I hope you are able to find some people to play with If you have any questions, please let us know!


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      Welcome Marissa-xo! Glad to see you found our corner of the web! I bet you would love all the people in our CoD divisions, I know a ton on both the PS4 and Xbox! If you're interested in joining go here, and choose your preferred console, and then CoD! If you ever pick up Destiny, that's my current addiction, I'd love to play with you!
      @PMSJenga | Twitch | Tumblr
      Much <3 to my Sista's, Team Turkey, & my Panda!


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        Welcome to the forums! A lot of really great people here, and if you're thinking about it, you should definitely join a division. I was an active member for the longest of time years ago and it was well worth it! Anyway, hope you enjoy your time here!


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          Welcome to our forums! Hope you enjoy your stay, should you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

          Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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            Hello Marissa! Welcome to PMS|H20. You should have a great time here since this clan is full wonderful and amazing people. If your interested we have a PS4 Overwatch Division and you were already told that we also have a CoD division. If you are on PS4 hit me up at ShadoeStern and I'll be down to play with you