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  • Anthem

    So we just got a taste of Anthem with the VIP Demo. Open Demo is this weekend, if anyone wants to get their hands on it.

    I'd like to get some people playing, see if we can get a Division started eventually when the game fully releases maybe.

    If you have any thoughts, wanna discuss the game/demos, or so on, I'm here!

  • #2
    I really enjoyed both the VIP and Open demos. Game play was fantastic. Missions seemed to be thought out and multistage (even side ones apparently)

    The only thing i was skeptical about was the open world limitation on numbers. If the full game limits servers for open play to only 4 people that will make finding a good fireteam/teaming with

    friends a must. Even on normal settings several of the world events were difficult to solo if you didn't have the right build/weapon load out, making teamplay (and thus communication) a key factor.