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Modern Warfare 2 Returns!

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  • Modern Warfare 2 Returns!

    I know not many of you guys and gals from back in the day are active anymore, but with backwards compatibility for MW2 on Xbox One, it'd be great to all link up and get some games going .This goes for anyone for that matter, whether you were in the division or not.

    Go ahead and shoot me a message or add me: IR o Y x

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    Hello H2O Gnarly ! Nice to meet you.
    I sent you a FR so we can play some MW2 sometimes. The GT is "Im Rabbit". In case you have Discord and want to chat with the other peeps. We have a Discord server where a lot of use hangout. Feel free to join it:
    Twitch: MzRabbit
    Senpai: Vira (Nessa)|My Good Friend: Sonico

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