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    So it's been almost 12 hours since it's been out lol I figured I would post and see what you guys thought so far about the game. I got the chance last night to create a goblin rogue and level him up to level thirteen. It was a blast since I don't have an 80 yet to level to 85 I just got to see some of the new changes. One thing I like is guild experience and how you can benefit from your guild members. All though I did make a goblin last night it was pretty boring and sometimes cheesy when I got to the starting zone for the goblin. I think though overall so far Cataclysm from other guild members and from what I've seen will put down Cataclysm as the best expansion of the three so far. I have a question though will their be another expansion someone in my guild was talking about a new one but surely not so soon. Last thought though I will say is a lot of people are complaining that its to easy to level from 80-85, one reason Blizzard did this is because it's going to be a lot harder to get gear compared to the other expansion's so hold your horses on I hit 85 in one sitting because the gear will take a while from what I heard.