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Disgraceful for FIFA 21's Player Ratings

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  • Disgraceful for FIFA 21's Player Ratings

    The FIFA 21 rankings for the best players in the game were recently released. Overall though, the ratings have been extremely controversial, and overall even worse and more arbitrary than usual, and it's an extremely low bar ... If a particular team could feel fooled by the new ratings, it would be the one. Bayern, three times winner. Munich. The team suffered ratings of the highest level, with, I repeat, three-time winners who saw no noticeable increase in overall ratings from the previous game.

    At the BFW we have already published an article about the biggest injustices in Bayern's forward rankings. Among them Lionel Messi (93), Robert Lewandowski (91) and Thomas Müller (86). Here's the second part: the Bayern defensive player.

    Alphonso davies

    What a season the electric Canadian had! Taken from the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps as a possible long-term winger, it was on the left that he saw a meteoric rise in his first real season at Bayern Munich. Davies has been strong this season, fast paced and with the tricks of managing his pace well, nothing short of world class.

    EA Sports' crazy ranking system did not spare the 19-year-old Canadian. It is one thing to argue about who is the best in a position. It's a completely different matter to leave out possibly the best left-back of the season in the top 20 (!) Full-backs of the latest edition of FIFA.

    Alphonso Davies' pass and defense rates are off target. For comparison, here are three defenders who are way ahead of him in FIFA 21:

    A defense rating of 76 doesn't do justice to the amount of defensive work Davies does. In comparison, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kyle Walker have defense ratings of 80 each. This is shocking considering that Phonzie won 186 (58%) ground matches, compared to 84 (44%) for Trent and 66 (50%) for Kyle Walker) in their respective leagues.

    In addition to having a lower defense rating compared to defenders on par or worse than him, EA also killed Phonzie's passing rate with a measly 69. With 1307 passes completed (87%), Davies has shown he knows how to pass a ball on the soccer field. By comparison, his colleagues in Liverpool have a slightly lower passport ratio.

    This does not mean that Davies should be the next Xavi and deserve a passport rating of 90+. No. It is meant to show that you are in the same league as professional footballers who can pass a ball, rather than being a part-time player turning in an amateur league. A rating of 69 is just bad for a three-time winner in this regard!

    Here's a comparison of the 2019/20 league stats (sourced from Squawka) of Davies and four highly rated defenders in FIFA 21 Guides:

    It is clear from the statistics that the criminally large loophole EA creates in simple attributes like existence is hardly justified. A very different standard is also suggested for EA to compare players as they rate them. It's not the first time EA has done this, but it's definitely the worst yet.

    Manuel Neuer

    I'll keep this short and sweet. Jan Oblak is still the best goalkeeper in the world. Now that that is aside, number 2 in the world is Manuel Neuer. Neuer was always one of the best goalkeepers in the world. With the exception of 2017 and 2018, when he got back in shape after injury, Neuer was again one of the best in the world last season.

    While I can admit that Neuer's reflexes and jumping may not be as sharp as those of the two younger goalkeepers, it is crazy for FIFA to not only position Ter Stegen and Courtois from Barcelona better, but also handle them better. When was the last time you saw Neuer catch a ball and drop it, or fail to catch a catchable ball? Yes, I can't either. I'm not denying that the other two goalkeepers are good on their own, but we just have to look at their respective UCL campaigns to find the top goalkeeper of the three.

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