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MW2 Division Members 2012ish!

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  • MW2 Division Members 2012ish!

    Hi everyone!

    I was just curious if anyone from the MW2 division was still lurking around! It’s been a LONG time, but just wanted to say that I miss that group and I had so much fun playing with you all every night! I hope all is well.

    I haven’t been playing much in the last few years, but recently got the new COD MW a few weeks ago and have been playing on PS4. But since it’s compatible, if anyone wants to play, let me know! I still use the H2O clan tag!

    H2O Chase

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    Im here been playing since cod4

    Thanks to PMS Blue Jay for my awesome Gears of war 3 Sig...H2O Insane Live Stream: Check it out when it's online @h2oinsane twitter


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      Hi chase. I’ve been using emergency-ninja- on psn for awhile now. Give me and add.
      I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar.