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    I managed to get my Xbox elite pad with custom schemes available and paddles on my switch! Things you're going to need :a stand to get the screen higher than that kickstand ,a usb c charge cable,micro dock (for on the go use of your Xbox pad),brook adapter for converting the Xbox pad on switch ,then on the wired pro controller option in the switch menu and realize that the Xbox pad gameplay is Xbox normal and the menus or talking to characters is Nintendo backwards! I'd post a picture of the setup if I could but it does work sometimes the adapter/micro dock might have to be disconnected from each other if the guide button doesn't work just pull the brook adapter out of the usb 3.0 port on the micro dock and plug it back in then when the connection between the two adapters and the Xbox pad work it's fine and never will fail but playing with the unofficial mobile dock isn't as instant start as your official dock and it requires power so your dock powers that brook adapter and the Xbox one controller is needed to be plugged in like your charging on your Xbox but it works fine!

    QUINTISON is my Xbox,PlayStation and switch gamertag if you search for my name on Xbox you'll see the custom gamerpik showing the switchbox !
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