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Video Game Hall of Fame: 2015 Class

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  • Video Game Hall of Fame: 2015 Class

    So, I only recently found out there is a Video Game Hall of Fame is Rochester, NY at The Strong: National Museum of Play.

    Here are the inductees for the first class:
    The Strong® welcomed six games into the inaugural class of its World Video Game Hall of Fame™.

    Super Mario Bros.
    World of Warcraft

    I had no idea that this existed, but apparently nominations are open for the class of 2016:

    It's awesome to me that video games now officially have a Hall of Fame. Video games have really come a long way as a medium, from the technology they use to they unique way they are able to tell stories and engage the user. It's neat to see that they are now getting a type of historical archive. Though, I am a little worried that since this appears to be a museum target towards children, recent games with heavier content that might deserve a nomination won't be acknowledged as kindly as say Pac-Man.

    What do you think of the inaugrial inductees? Who is getting your vote for 2016 and why?

    More information for anyone who is curious:

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    Re: Video Game Hall of Fame: 2015 Class

    Super Smash bros ^__^