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Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

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  • Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

    I am ready for it when it comes out, because there will be a lot of new stuff for it. Also there is going to be a new Raid for it to.

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    Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

    im ready for it especially since i already purchased it :P


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      Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

      I haven't even finished the first raid lol. I got bored of the game so I quit playing back after the first month of it being out I hope everyone enjoys the new DLC though!

      Shout out to my PMS! PMS Snowbunnie!


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        Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

        I hope they add some kind of Exotic Engrams drop to it.


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          Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

          Also I hope they let us descend into the bottom of Venus.


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            Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

            Also I wonder if they will add some Exotic shaders to it.


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              Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

              Would you like to see more new Shaders added to Eva when the House of Wolves come out?


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                Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?



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                  Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

                  House of Wolves Images!

                  February 3, 2015

                  Published on: Feb 3, 2015 @ 11:00
                  Reddit user megamanexe4 uncovered what appears to be much of the new content for the House of Wolves expansion!

                  We already outlined all of this content (and more) in another article, but now we have images of the Crucible and Vanguard gear. Click on an image to enlarge it.

                  Luke Smith recently admitted to a few mistakes that he promises will not happen in the House of Wolves, so be sure to check out those comments if you haven’t already.

                  Click here to check out the rest of the House of Wolves content.

                  This isn’t confirmed, but according to megamanexe4, May 19th is the date that the House of Wolves is set to be released.

                  Nightfall Strike Difficulty: Level 32

                  As with all leaks, some information is bound to change. If the May 19th release date is true, we’ve got awhile to go before its accessible, so don’t expect everything you see here to be accurate.
                  The Crucible armor has incorrect Defense/Light levels, but the Vanguard sets appear to be accurate. It looks like the new Light levels for vendor armor will be 30/39.
                  Our database values (Attack/Defense/Light) for the new House of Wolves weapons & armor are not valid.
                  DeeJ’s response to the leak

                  We don’t have any in-game images of the new Exotics, or raid armor, but we gave our first impressions of the House of Wolves Exotics in this video:
                  The HoW raid armor still has placeholder perks.

                  [h2]Warlock Crucible Armor[/h2]

                  [h2]Warlock Vanguard Armor[/h2]
                  Light Levels at 30/39

                  ArmorVendorExtropy MorphCrucibleExtropy MorphCrucibleExtropy MorphCrucibleExtropy MorphCrucibleTalion GloryCrucibleTalion GloryCrucibleTalion GloryCrucibleTalion GloryCrucibleUnity CladeVanguardUnity CladeVanguardUnity CladeVanguardUnity CladeVanguardApex HarmonicVanguardApex HarmonicVanguardApex HarmonicVanguardApex HarmonicVanguardFusion CanisterVanguardWearable ColliderVanguard“Metastability Event”Crucible“The Conflagration”Crucible

                  [h2]Hunter Crucible Armor[/h2]

                  [h2]Hunter Vanguard Armor[/h2]

                  ArmorVendorCarnivore MatchCrucibleCarnivore MatchCrucibleCarnivore MatchCrucibleCarnivore MatchCrucibleSanction CustomCrucibleSanction CustomCrucibleSanction CustomCrucibleSanction CustomCrucibleFear EaterVanguardFear EaterVanguardFear EaterVanguardFear EaterVanguardSanction SixVanguardSanction SixVanguardSanction SixVanguardSanction SixVanguardCompetitor FlairCrucibleArtificial Selection CapeCrucible

                  [h2]Titan Crucible Armor[/h2]

                  [h2]Titan Vanguard Armor[/h2]

                  ArmorVendorCommando CustomCrucibleCommando CustomCrucibleCommando CustomCrucibleCommando CustomCrucibleUrsus TacticalCrucibleUrsus TacticalCrucibleUrsus TacticalCrucibleUrsus TacticalCrucibleSpearhead Type 0VanguardSpearhead Type 0VanguardSpearhead Type 0VanguardSpearhead Type 0VanguardCommando Type 0VanguardCommando Type 0VanguardCommando Type 0VanguardCommando Type 0VanguardFormation MarkCrucibleMark of FavorCrucible

                  [h2]Attack Values[/h2]
                  It’s assumed that the new max Attack value will be 365, but that’s just speculation at this point.
                  According to the images below, it definitely looks like 300 will be the new base Attack for the vendor weapons.
                  Glitched TDB weapon showing possible new max Attack

                  [h2]Crucible Weapons[/h2]

                  [h2]Vanguard Weapons[/h2]

                  WeaponsTypeMark TypeCenTac Mod 8 IBRScout RifleCrucibleDown/OutPulse RifleCrucibleDreamcatcher ARCAuto RifleCruciblePeregrine LongRailPulse RiflesCrucibleRAKSHASA T3S CompactAuto RifleCrucibleThe Great RefusalHand CannonCrucibleZero Point LOTP Scout RifleCrucibleHellfire PylonFusion RifleCrucibleSDN-5 Hoplite HeavySniper RifleCrucibleThe Fun PoliceShotgunCrucibleScorch Torch CCRocket LauncherCrucibleWhite Field, Silver ScytheMachine GunCrucibleHard Luck CharmAuto RifleVanguardOne/One SynestheteScout RifleVanguardP-O-R 1562Auto RifleVanguardSojourner CompassHand CannonVanguardTAU 5051505 UATPulse RifleVanguard55A-allFATEPulse RifleVanguardTrust FallScout RifleVanguardGIVE/Take .95Fusion RifleVanguardSubtle Nudge DN7Sniper RifleVanguardBury the TruthMachine GunVanguardPax Totalus ES/8Rocket LauncherVanguard


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                    Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

                    Thanks for the images. Some of that new armor looks cool :-)
                    Big high-five to my good friend & partner: Rabbit PMS
                    Xbox Live: Zero Sonico X | PSN: Xeriak | Twitter: @SonicoH2O | Sonico H2O on Raptr | Sonico H2O's Twitch


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                      Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

                      Your welcome. Also I like the images a lot to.


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                        Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?

                        I also wonder if they are going to unveil The Juncture on Venus?


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                          Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?


                          This week at Bungie, we moved a little closer to the next update for Destiny.

                          If you study the paths we travel to evolve your playground, a numeric pattern emerges. 1.1.1 is what we call this next batch of content and code. That places it somewhere between the last expansion (1.1) and the next expansion (1.2). As promised last week, when we forecast some much-anticipated heavy ammo fixes, it’s scheduled to make its way from our servers to your console before the end of February.

                          Between now and the end of this month, we’re hard at work making sure that these changes won’t wreak cataclysmic havoc on the game – like changing your Guardians into Tower sweeper bots, or worse. That gives us some time to talk about what else you’ll be downloading. The conversation continues today.

                          Prepare your favorite snack and have a seat. We’d like to talk to you about your arsenal of weapons!

                          In Sheep’s Clothing

                          “Not so fast,” you say. “What about that ‘next expansion’ you mentioned?”

                          Fair enough. Since we’ve started throwing around soft deadlines for game updates, we might as well set your expectations that Destiny Expansion II: The House of Wolves will be released sometime in the second quarter of this year. If you’re not used to people saying things like “Q2” when they’re measuring time, just rip your annual calendar into four equal parts and scrutinize the second piece. Sometime within those three months (April, May, and June), we’ll have a new adventure to embark upon with you.

                          We’re keeping all other details under wraps for now. There is a special team here that's dedicated to creating some new ways for you to play Destiny. They’re also making the game you know a better reflection of what we’ve learned about you since you’ve started playing. While they do their thing, we'll walk the fine line between making you a part of the process and providing them with a safe place to explore possibilities and do their best work.

                          The Bungie Blog is your finest source of guaranteed Destiny news. Enjoy the speculation and discussion that makes an Internet community fun, but stay tuned here so we can go on record about what awaits you as “Q2” draws nearer.

                          And on a long enough timeline, we'll also talk about what we're planning for this Fall.

                          Keep That Thing Oiled

                          Can we talk about those weapons now? Because we have a problem:

                          Your Pulse Rifle really needs some love.

                          Statistics don’t lie. Neither do you. Just yesterday, to enlist you in helping us prove this point in advance, we poked the Internet bear. We asked the question: "What is your favorite Pulse Rifle in Destiny?" The general consensus is still rolling in.

                          Thanks for playing along, Mega. That was a trick question. The answer (and the solution) lies in the Sandbox Update that we’re also packing into 1.1.1.

                          Today, we’re serving up some weapon tuning philosophy, prepared by Sandbox Designer Jon Weisnewski. He’s a weapons specialist at Bungie - one member of a team that seeks to find balance in the chaos. Your guns are on his workbench, and he’s excited to share with you some thoughts from his process.

                          Click this link to learn more about how we’re keeping a promise we made prior to launch - that Destiny would be a place of diverse fighting styles, where everyone would have a chance to be powerful in different ways. If you like Pulse Rifles, help is on the way. If you’re like me, and you think you can solve every problem with your trusty Suros Regime? Well, we’re about to be challenged in some new and exciting ways.

                          Over to you, Jon. Seriously, Guardians. Click this link!

                          Service Guarantees Citizenship

                          To keep the Tower packed with willing souls to protect the City, the Destiny Operations Center maintains its own overwatch. They serve you to keep you fighting. Here is their weekly report:

                          On Monday, players received the TOAD error, preventing some players from signing in. They were able to log in later that same day. Xbox One players experienced an error on Tuesday that kept them from connecting to Destiny servers, which later subsided. We are continuing to investigate these issues as they decline over time.

                          During these times when Destiny is experiencing issues, it is best to completely exit Destiny and re-launch the game to see if the errors subside before further troubleshooting.

                          To provide information on the state of the game, we display a red banner across our forums (currently browser only) and communicate via @BungieHelp. In the future, we hope to provide the same red banner status updates on the mobile platform.

                          Do you want to know more?

                          When A Plan Comes Together

                          Last week, we issued a new challenge: Share with us your best movies to become a filmmaking legend, and maybe even earn an emblem to burnish your username in the game.

                          Within moments, the winning entry had us laughing in ways that only '80s pop-culture can. In recognition of speed, originality, and an appreciation for must-see TV from a Golden Age, we give you the #DestinyMOTW.

                          The Raid Team was not alone. Many of you rallied to the hashtag.

                          Honorable Mention

                          And the most Honorable Mention of all…
                          Awesome movies created by the Bungie community are not a new thing. We’ve all been enjoying them for years.

                          Our dear friends at Rooster Teeth lost a member of their family this week. Instead of sending flowers, they told us to do something creative. It has always been fascinating when we can share in the act of creation with you. That video was the vehicle that brought Monty Oum to the attention of so many of us. He will be missed, but his work will leave a lasting impression for a long time.

                          To all the part-time dreamers out there, we thank you for using our games to express yourselves.


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                            Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?



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                              Re: Who is ready for The House of Wolves DLC?