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    So I made a Google Doc of Tips I have compiled from various sources that range from Articles to Youtube Videos to Tips mentioned by Streamers while Live. It is unfinished but has some tips to get you started, I do plan on having Tips for Boss Fights from Story and Side Missions so if you don't want spoilers, Do Not Go Beyond The First Page
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm a big fan of Borderlands, I've played Borderlands 1 and 2 many times and the prequel once. I will say that I really enjoyed Borderlands 3, but it was not without my share of complaints. The main story can be memorable at times and annoying at others. The villains we have in this game are a drawback compared to Handsome Jack, but more interesting than the white-haired chicks of Borderlands 1. However, Borderlands 3 still fulfills the side missions, which is fun and better written/storytelling than Borderlands 1 . main story.

    The combat and gameplay in Borderlands 3 are a direct improvement over Borderlands 2, making the shooting and fighting in Borderlands not fun and memorable. The looting and farming of rare and unique weapons / equipment is unprecedented, and I personally found that weapons drop more often in this game than in its predecessor.