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New and coming updates in Overwatch

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  • New and coming updates in Overwatch

    Hey chaps, hope everyone is doing well.

    Lets see a raise of hands in looking forward to Sombra coming out

    • With Symmetra possibly being moved out of support and into defence with a change to her ability's is pretty awesome and well needed.
    • Widowmakers scope time and Junkrats ult animation being reduced is a small change but will help.
    • Not seen a lot of the patch notes but I think Ana is being nerfed, in what category I'm not sure.
    • Looking forward to these changes and with DoomFist as the possible next hero after Sombra seems Blizzard are doing a great job in keeping it fresh.

    Hope to catch more of you in the game soon as well as introducing new PMS/H2O members.
    Keep an eye out for my Gamer Tag; FlippersFist, my times are erratic but if you see me on OW feel free to send a message and then we can group up, Comp is hard when you solo que.
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    Juntrat's ult animation is getting reduced? That is huge - that is some seriously precious time to get his ult in the right spot now. I've started it with people being perfectly grouped up, but by the tire gets there they are all scattered. I never though of making that change, but I think it'll be a big deal.

    I'm excited about the Sombra stuff! I still think she is set to come out Nov 2 (or at least, that is when the count up will end).