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27 new Crucible Dead Ghosts in Destiny.

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  • 27 new Crucible Dead Ghosts in Destiny.

    Mega thread of all 27 dead ghosts in Crucible you can get them in Private Matches by yourself the link is posted under:

    *I would like to give credit to the founders who found the Dead Ghosts while playing in Crucible*

    In a surprising turn of events, Bungie have introduced Dead Ghost which give Grimoire for every Crucible Map. Check the comments for more details!

    Note: these ghosts can only be found in private matches (you can get them solo or in a group). They WILL NOT appear in normal crucible playlists.
    The Anomaly (Behind boxes in C spawn) Video Screenshot
    Asylum (Back corner of C spawn) Video Screenshot
    Bannerfall (Room near C spawn, the bridge connecting to the point - left of map if looking out to ledge) Video Screenshot
    Bastion (Open outside area, rock on the left of the tunnel that loops around - credit /u/BritenClark) Video Screenshot
    Black Shield (In the tunnel between B and C - credit /u/TheStormSpartan) Video Screenshot
    Blind Watch (Behind the heavy spawn near A - credit /u/jonnyboywonder) Video Screenshot
    The Burning Shrine (Behind the blocks in the middle of the map when going out to the sun, slightly out of map barrier) Video Screenshot
    Cathedral of Dusk (Near the special spawn on the inside of the map near the heavy - credit /u/Metriq) Video Screenshot
    The Cauldron (Underneath B spawn in the corner near the door) Video Screenshot
    Crossroads (Next to the portal on the B spawn island, left side if you're looking towards the island) Video Screenshot
    The Drifter (In the corner near bottom heavy - credit /u/z12kenpachi) Video Screenshot
    The Dungeons (Near the special box that spawns near the lower side heavy, on the orange room side) Video Screenshot
    Exodus Blue In the empty hall near A spawn Video Screenshot
    Firebase Delphi In the far back room inside near C point Video Screenshot
    First Light (Near C point, under the broken section of the bridge that hangs above) Video Screenshot
    Frontier (In the bushes near A/C heavy spawn) Video Screenshot
    Memento Next to the special spawn in the middle hallway Video Screenshot
    Pantheon Far back side of A point on the stairs that overhang the cliff Video Screenshot
    Rusted Lands Outside of the map near B spawn, you can crouch inside the wall and grab it too) Video Screenshot
    Sector 618 (On the platform in the middle of the map) Video Screenshot
    Shores of Time (Plane broken in half by the shore, in the middle on the tail-end side in a bush) Video Screenshot
    Skyshock Behind the back right side of the broken plane facing the #2 building Video Screenshot
    Thieves' Den Bottom left corner of A flag to the left of the Devil Walker by the boxes [Video]() Screenshot
    The Timekeeper On halfstep by outside heavy above the pool Video Screenshot
    Twilight Gap Behind the box in Party Room Video Screenshot
    Vertigo To the right of B spawn if looking at the portal, just around the corner - credit /u//ShardikOfTheBeam Video Screenshot
    Widow's Court (Rubble building between C and A spawn) Video Screenshot

    Please keep discussion about the new Crucible Map Dead Ghosts to this thread from this point on!

    Get hunting Guardians!

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    I wonder how many there will be in story mode and in the raid?


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      I can't believe it took them 2 hours to finish the raid.


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        Iron banner starts next week.


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          Heroic Mode for Wrath of the Machine comes out 10-18-2016 I saw this on the Bungie Weekly Update.


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            There will be a update next Tuesday for Destiny, also Heroic Raid for Wrath of the Machine comes out on that day, also Light Level will be 400.


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              Off topic: Weekly Update: :

              Also Iron Banner returns next week. Who is for it? I am ready for it.
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