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  • hello

    hello im Tiffany i used to be a pms member in 08 on ps3 and not sure if im am anymore or need to put a new app in since it been so long but was wanting to join and see if there any divisions on ps4 i play destiny 2 cod ww2 and a few other games but mostly destiny 2 right now and a lot of other games

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    Welcome back! Unfortunately there's only a FFXIV cross platform division for PS4, shared with PC. They do have weekly game nights for CoD WW2 and Destiny though! Good way to get reintroduced to the clan

    Thank you Loki PMS for the sign <3 <3 XBL: TheWiccanRaven PSN: WiccanRaven


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      ok thank you very much i will see if i cant look though the forums and fine the games nights and stuff


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        I have D2 on PS4 and have been thinking about possibly getting WW2. My PSN is SammichMakrPMS. Feel free to add me and hit me up whenever.

        XBL: SammichMakr PMS PSN: SammichMakrPMS
        B.Net: SandwichMakr#1299 Steam: SandwichMakrPro


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          Hi and welcome back to the clan.


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            Hi and thank you glad to be back


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              Hi, how are you liking the clan and forums?


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