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Looking for a new Anime to watch...

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  • Looking for a new Anime to watch...

    I haven't been able to find any exceedingly interesting anime recently, and I just burned through a good few series this past fall (including FMA: Brotherhood, Highschool of the Dead, Elfen Lied, and many other random one season series.) I prefer dubs, but even if it is subbed I will give it a shot. The main things I like are action, good character development, and I can be a sucker for romance, too. Also, anything with morality/psychological twists are cool too(this is probably part of the reason I'm a psych major :P).

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    Re: Looking for a new Anime to watch...

    I like subs over dubs, so some of these might just have subs like Deadman.

    Fiarty tail
    Ao No Exorcist
    Deadman Wonderland (Psychological)
    Eureka 7
    Soul Eater
    History Strongest Disciple
    Bakemonogatari (psychological)
    Code Geass (Can be psychological)
    Persona (Can be psychological)
    Death note (Psychological)
    xxxholic (any of them) (Psychological)
    Ghost in a shell (Psychological)
    I'll miss you all


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      Re: Looking for a new Anime to watch...

      I seen most of those animes I am currently watching Black Rock Shooter and High School DxD now and still finding more animes to try and watch....I still watch Bleach it own it last saga sadden me I love bleach it my favorite and One Piece still
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