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Looking for PMS or H20 writers for a site !

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  • Looking for PMS or H20 writers for a site !

    So I am looking to add to the staff at

    Basically I need people to write about what you are playing or even cool stuff that happened as at the moment if I dont add content nothing happens and I am sometimes more than a little ILL lol.

    here is a good example of the style -
    so its kind of a T for teen but also written in mature way.

    This post does not pay, however if things come my way as they ofen do code wise etc I will always try to pass on the love of course

    of note to add is I also need other content like tech gadget writters and geek content.

    We do have very nice relationship with MS and if I am ever going to mention them or make a statement - for example in one I went on about tweet fleet - we always run it by them first as a courtesy and I would need you to act as polite with all industry interactions be it nintendo, ps3 (EEEW) or think geek etc you know common courtesy no swearing/porn/raging at someone etc.

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    Finding a writer is not that easy these days now and I was looking for someone to do my assignment on time it was not easy either, so I look on internet also do some research on my own though
    then finally realize that content must be original or sounds as ninja essays techniques that how we gonna get maximum results.
    but many of my friends tried writing gadgets which are not really helpful to me I supposed
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      really interesting